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Slowing Down Your WooCommerce Site

5 Things That May Be Slowing Down Your WooCommerce Site

Slowing Down Your WooCommerce Site

These common 5 things are likely Slowing Down Your WooCommerce Site. Do you wish to increase the speed of your WordPress site? Fast-loading pages enhance the user experience, boost page views, and aid with WordPress SEO. In this post, we’ll go through the best WordPress speed optimization methods for improving WordPress performance and speeding up your website.

1. Check the Size of Your Images – Slowing Down Your WooCommerce Site

People are drawn to aesthetically appealing websites, being highly visual creatures and all. Images play a crucial role in this appeal. Using non-optimized pictures, on the other hand, might harm website speed by slowing it down. Image optimization is a simple and efficient technique to speed up WooCommerce webpages. Large picture files cause loading delays in the website’s user experience. Slow WooCommerce sites might result in ranking lower in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Use image compression plugins like WP-Smush.it, EWWW Image Optimizer, or Hammy to combat this problem. They decrease picture size and optimize them for WordPress without compromising image quality. This is necessary for WooCommerce to run quicker.

2. Check the Quality of Your Plugins – Slowing Down Your WooCommerce Site

Plugin loading can occasionally cause performance difficulties. To see if a plugin is slowing down your WooCommerce site, do the following: Deactivate and reactivate each plug in until you identify a possible cause. You can also utilize the Plugin Organizer to adjust the activation sequence and turn plugins on/off on a per-page/post and per-mobile basis. There isn’t always a relationship between the number of plugins running on your site and the speed of your store – it’s better to have ten well-coded extensions than one jam-packed with unnecessary functionality that slows down your site!

3. Check Out Content Delivery Networks – Slowing Down Your WooCommerce Site

Did you know that incorporating a content delivery network (CDN) into your website is one of the simplest methods to boost online performance? A CDN stores static files from your WooCommerce website, such as JavaScript, pictures, and CSS. Because the closer your consumer is to a server, the faster your website will load on their browser. A CDN is highly beneficial, especially if your target clients are dispersed over many countries.

4. Protect Your Website From Malware Infection – Slowing Down Your WooCommerce Site

A WordPress firewall plugin aids in the prevention of brute force assaults, hacking attempts, and malware. However, not all firewall plugins are created equal.  Some of them operate on your website, implying that attackers can already access your web server before they are stopped. This is still effective in terms of security, but it is not optimum in terms of performance.

As a result, we advocate utilizing a DNS level firewall such as Cloudflare. These firewalls prevent malicious queries from reaching your website.

5. Get Rid of Useless Assets – Slowing Down Your WooCommerce Site

Asset CleanUp and Perfmatters are two terms you’ve undoubtedly heard of. They enable you to disable plugins and scripts selectively on sites where they are not required to load. 

Install one of these plugins before accessing the script management. This necessitates testing (or a staging site), but you must first determine where your scripts are loaded. Once you’ve figured it out, you may deactivate them on existing URLs, use regex to disable them based on URL patterns or disable them everywhere except pages or posts. This will minimize the amount of JavaScript and CSS on your site (a PageSpeed Insights item).

Slowing Down Your WooCommerce Site Conclusion

Now that you’ve reviewed all of the suggestions and strategies, it’s time to enhance WooCommerce performance. If your WooCommerce shop takes more than two seconds to load, you should be concerned since it will harm everything, from user experience to SEO ranking.

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