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Boost WordPress Website Performance

Use a CDN to Boost WordPress Website Performance

Need to boost WordPress website performance?

Boost WordPress Website Performance

All website visitors expect good web performance, which means the website has to quickly display content and respond to user actions. Since it is crucial for quality user experience, conversions, and SEO ranking, you wouldn’t want your users to be welcomed with a sluggish website. While different factors affect web performance, the Content Delivery Network CDN plays an essential role to your site’s usability.

What Is a CDN? – Boost WordPress Website Performance

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a collection of global web hosting servers designed to host and distribute the static content of WordPress websites. Images, videos, music, and more are copied from the website to remote servers to deliver content from the closest server where users request content access. In other words, it provides website visitors with non-centrally located content, which boosts the WordPress page load speeds.

How Does a CDN Work? – Boost WordPress Website Performance

For example, a website physically located on a host server in the USA will take longer to load for users accessing it from Asia or Europe. This is because of latency, which refers to the delay involved in data transmission over a network. As a general rule, the longer it takes for data to travel, the longer the delay will be. With a CDN, your content gets stored at CDN nodes to allow online users geographically close to these nodes to access your content more quickly.

How Does CDN Improve WordPress Website Performance? – Boost WordPress Website Performance

The impact of using a CDN vary depending on the internet property size and needs, but most users enjoy these benefits:

  • Improves Website Security

Many CDNs provide protection against denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), which is a form of cyberattack that disrupts the services of a host connected to the internet. This makes a machine or network resource unavailable to users. Once you get targeted by these attacks, it can lead to costly consequences that impact your brand and online reputation. Thankfully, CDN offers an extra layer of protection by taking on the traffic and preventing attacks before they enter your database.

  • Reduces Bandwidth Costs

Using CDN for your WordPress website releases files from the original web server, which helps prevent overloading the host. With an international CDN, you will use only a single hosting platform that works on different continents. It eliminates the need to pay for expensive web hosting services and reduces your bandwidth costs while improving your website’s performance across the world.

  • Speeds Up WordPress Website

If you are constantly wondering how to speed up your WordPress site, the CDN might be the answer you are looking for. It boosts website speed using the principles of file caching. Because of this, users closer to the caching server can quickly access your content due to the shorter timeframe for the data to be opened in the web browser. 

Conclusion – Boost WordPress Website Performance

Users’ attention spans are growing shorter by the day, so don’t expect them to wait around while your website loads for ages. Since website performance can impact the overall success of your business, delivering content as quickly as possible is essential. 

Without a CDN, servers have to respond to every user request. This can lead to significant traffic and subsequent load, which increases the risk of origin failure. For this reason, consider investing in a quality CDN. It’s also worth reaching out to WordPress experts if you are experiencing WordPress website problems.

If you need help to resolve WordPress issues related to the platform, plugin, or theme, contact WP Fix It. We take pride in being the world’s fastest WordPress support since 2009. Contact us to see what we can do for you!

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