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FREE WordPress Security Scanner Plugin

FREE WordPress Security Scanner Plugin

Download our FREE WordPress Security Scanner Plugin

The level of security that is on your WordPress website is so important to the online success you wish to achieve.

In order to make your WordPress website as secure as possible, you first need to identify what the good and weak points as it relates to security are.

With our FREE WordPress security scanner plugin this is exactly what you can do in a matter of seconds.

Below is the list of security actions and settings that you will have at your disposal.

  1. Security check scanner
    Run a detailed and very comprehensive security check scanner to identify all the strong and weak points on your website.
  2. Malware file & database scanner
    Do a full scan of all of the files in your website as well as the database for any malicious activity.
  3. IP monitor and blocker
    Monitor visitor IP addresses and have the ability to whitelist or block any IP addresses you wish to not access your website.
  4. Email security alerts
    Get instant notification or a daily summary of all important security events that happened on your website.
  5. Automated file monitoring
    Set up automated file monitoring to get notified immediately when files change on your website without your permission.
  6. Export security report
    Export the entire security report as a PDF file to share with your team or clients.

Take a look below at the steps to get this plugin installed on your website and run an in-depth security scan.

Step #1 – Download The Plugin

You can click on the link or the button below to instantly download our FREE WordPress Security Scanner plugin.

Step #2 – Install & Activate The Plugin

Once you have downloaded the plugin, it’s now time to install and activate it on your website by following the steps below.

FREE WordPress Security Scanner Plugin
Add New Plugin
FREE WordPress Security Scanner Plugin
Upload Plugin
FREE WordPress Security Scanner Plugin
Select File to Upload
FREE WordPress Security Scanner Plugin
Install Plugin
FREE WordPress Security Scanner Plugin
Activate Plugin

Step #3 – Scan Your Website

When the plugin is activated you will notice a scan my website button at the top of the page which you can click on to immediately initiate the security scan.

WordPress Security Scanner New
Start Website Scan
WordPress Security Scanner 2 New
Let Scan Analyze Security Points

Step #4 – View Security Scan Results

Once the security scan has completed you can view in detail all the good and bad security points that were identified on your website.

WordPress Security Scanner 3 New
View Scan Results

You will be able to expand each security point and get more information as to what it means and the benefit of ensuring that you are protected.

WordPress Security Scanner 9
Detailed Explanation of Each Security Point

Setting Area – Advanced Settings

Adjust the settings to show or hide different aspects of your security report.

WordPress Security Scanner 4 New
Pick what you want to show or hide

Setting Area – Malware Scan

Run an in depth malware scan of your website files and database to identify any malicious activity.

WordPress Security Scanner 5New
Pick what you want to show or hide

Setting Area – Logs and IPs

This area can be used to monitor the IP addresses that visit your website and allow you the ability to allow or disallow any addresses.

WordPress Security Scanner 6 New
Monitor IP addresses that hit your site

Setting Area – Alerts

Set up email notifications to be alerted immediately of any security events that happen on your website.

WordPress Security Scanner 7 New
Get security alerts to your inbox

Setting Area – Schedules

Set up automated scheduling to receive the reporting on your site security check and file monitoring.

WordPress Security Scanner 8 New
Schedule automated monitoring

Download this FREE WordPress Security Scanner Below

Click on the button below to download this free plugin instantly and get it installed so you can know how secure or insecure your website actually is.

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