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Best WordPress Free Live Chat Widget

Best WordPress FREE Live Chat Widget

Chat with your customers in real-time on your website.

What Your Operators See

Best WordPress FREE Live Chat Widget

What Your Visitors See

Best WordPress FREE Live Chat Widget

Having a LIVE CHAT option on your website and sky rocket your conversions.  This gives your website visitors the opportunity to interact instantly and painlessly with  you for any questions they might have.  After trying and buying just about all the solutions available online we came across the Best WordPress FREE Live Chat Widget.  We would like to introduce Pure Chat to you.  What is probably the best part is that you can get it for FREE and we will install it on your WordPress site for FREE as well.  They are offering their premium plan for FREE until 9-21-14  and if you sign up before 6-30-14 it will remain FREE until 1-2015.  Even after the pricing kicks in, it is only $5/operator which is more affordable than anything we have seen out there for what you get. We are using this Best WordPress FREE Live Chat Widget on our site. Take it for a test drive in the lower right corner.


So here are the steps you need to complete quickly and get us to install this Best WordPress FREE Live Chat Widget on your WordPress site.

Unlock your special coupon code below to receive a FREE ticket and have us install it for you
Visit THIS PAGE to submit your FREE ticket
Enter your special coupon code during checkout to zero out the cost
Submit your site details in our SEXY ticketing system
Enjoy your new Pure Chat on your site

Your coupon code is “purechat”

Respond to chats LIVE from anywhere.

Best WordPress FREE Live Chat Widget

Best WordPress FREE Live Chat Widget

Best WordPress FREE Live Chat Widget

This was shared in a Facebook group we started WordPress Help and Share by the gentleman below.


Steve is a website developer who has seen so many people frustrated, wasting both time and money trying to design and develop their online presence. In an attempt to help those who do not have the budget for a Professional Development Team, Steve has created a system that will enable access to the information that is otherwise Off Limits.

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