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12 Resources On How To Remove Malware From My WordPress Site

12 Resources on How to Remove Malware From you WordPress Site

Need to how to Remove Malware from your WordPress Site?

WordPress is very powerful platform that can surely help to bring all your web dreams to life but it can be subject to hackers. Here is our list below of 12 AMAZING WordPress Infection Resources on How to Remove Malware From my WordPress Site.

How can you know your WordPress site is Infected

How to Remove Malware From Your WordPress Site

Having WordPress Infected can be a scary thing for a website owner. Some infections are extremely harmful and can do things to your site that can really damage your online presence. We have seen all types of WordPress Infected sites. In most cases the hardest part for a site owner to do in a case of their website not functioning properly is –> READ ON


Instant WordPress Firewall Setup

Instant Website Firewall Setup

Security is key in the online world. There are many malicious attacks that can take place on a website and there are also simple things you can do to protect yourself against such attacks. One of those simple things you can do to protect your site is to setup a Firewall. Please follow the steps below to set this up –> READ ON


Create Super Strong Passwords

super stronf WordPress passowrds

We really hope you do not have a password somewhere that is the word PASSWORD…lol Strong passwords are such a big part of internet account security and while most people like to create easy to remember passwords so they can access login info easily, this is not the best strategy to keep your accounts safe. –> READ ON


Move WordPress Login Page to Avoid Infection

Move Login Page

Your WordPress login page can be a very simple entrance point for most skilled hackers. By default the login URL to a default install of WordPress is With this information, hackers can easily try their skill on getting admin access to your site. One very simple way to stop this is to move your login page so they will –> READ ON


How to remove “This site may be hacked” message in Google

The logo for US technology company and search engine Google is displayed on screens in London on February 11, 2016. Britain's tax agency announced last month that Google would pay a £130 million (166 million euro, $187 million) tax settlement for 10 years' operations in Britain where it makes 11 percent of its global sales. Finance minister George Osborne hailed the agreement as a victory. But there was a barrage of criticism, including from within Prime Minister David Cameron's own Conservative Party as the announcement coincided with a key tax filing deadline for many Britons. / AFP / LEON NEAL (Photo credit should read LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

We have heard numerous times from our customer that their sites have a message in Google search results expressing that they have been hacked. The actual message that will appear in the Google results will be “This site may be hacked”. This message scares searchers away from visiting your site, in apprehension of getting some kind of infection or be –> READ ON


5 Common Mistakes That Cause WordPress Infections


We complete about 50 to 100 WordPress Infection Cleanups each week and get asked all the time by our customers, “What caused this infection?”. Now it is not always easy to tell exactly where an infection comes from or how it got into the site but below are the 5 very common things that can surely allow some nasty stuff –> READ ON


How to Pick Strong Passwords for WordPress

Strong Passwords for WordPress

In today’s world everything online is secured with passwords but use of a strong and unique password is one of the most essential things a WordPress user can do to keep different attackers away from gaining access to their site. A strong password is a very critical component of a solid WordPress security strategy and today we are explaining some –> READ ON


5 Things You Can Do To Avoid a WordPress Infection


As one of the most popular content management system online, WordPress websites are a common target for all spammers and other suspicious parties and this is the main reason to take vital measures to make your website more secure from various infections. Security issue is a type of bug that can easily affect the security of WordPress installations on your –> READ ON


The Fastest Way to Remove a WordPress Infection

WordPress Infection

Let us just start by saying to those reading this, WE ARE SO SORRY if your WordPress site is infected right now with malicious code or malware. This surely not only may be impacting the visitor experience but also good be hurting your search engine rankings if you have been Blacklisted. Now before you read on, please note that shortly –> READ ON


Block WordPress Referrer Spam in Google Analytics

Block WordPress Referrer Spam in Google Analytics

What is referrer Spam? Referrer Spam is basically the spamming which is targeted at the Search Engines. It is done to pollute your analytics information so that they can improve their site ranking. The fake traffic promotes their domain in your website. When you have the Google analytics reports with these links, you tend to click on those and hence –> READ ON


SECURITY ALERT Visual Composer Plugin


It is important you know about multiple XSS security vulnerabilities in the Visual Composer WordPress plugin versions prior to 4.7.4 (releases prior to October 2, 2015). The team over at the Envato Market Place has been working with WP Bakery, the creators of Visual Composer, who have addressed all identified vulnerabilities in version 4.7.4 and later, and undertaken a code –> READ ON


OH SNAP, my WordPress site just got infected. Now what?

WordPress Site Infected

A WordPress website infection, or as some may call it a hacked site, can be one of the most frustrating things you encounter. Most website hosts will identify the infections and either inform you about them or inform you about them and shut your site down. They will not provide any infection or hack clean up services. They will tell –> READ ON

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