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How To Pick Strong Passwords For WordPress

How to Pick Strong Passwords for WordPress

Need help to pick strong passwords for WordPress?

Strong WordPress Passwords

In today’s world everything online is secured with passwords but use of a strong and unique password is one of the most essential things a WordPress user can do to keep different attackers away from gaining access to their site.

A strong password is a very critical component of a solid WordPress security strategy and today we are explaining some simple ways of making it easier for you to choose strong passwords and make your sites more secure.

WordPress always keeps a check on the password generation process. It can also go to great lengths to make sure your content is secured and protected and therefore cannot be accessed by anyone other than you.

Further, it also has a built in password strength meter that shows user how strong their password is because having an administrator or user with a weak password can increase a security risk. But if anyone still tries to guess your password with success, then they can easily bypass almost every security measure you have of your WordPress.

So, to avoid the above described scenario, read through the following simple tips and always double check your passwords so that no one can guess it.  There are many different ways of generating a strong password, but some of the best are described as below from which you can choose the one that will work best for you or all of them….;)

1. Always Use a Valid Password Manager – Strong Passwords for WordPress
This is one of the best ways to pick strong password for your WordPress as it is a software application for your computer system or mobile that generates very strong passwords and further stores them in a secure database format.

Password manger software has features of storing your password onetime by using a single passphrase and further it will automatically enter all your details to your login page.

Due to this unique feature you will never have to worry about choosing password or remembering it again and again. So, this is the easiest and secure method available today.  Here is a list of the Best Password Managers for 2016.

2. Choose to Create a Passphrase Instead of Password – Strong Passwords for WordPress
Passphrases are very similar to a passwords except that they are based on a random collection of words, rather than just one or two words.

A length of a password is one of the primary and important factors in how strong it is, passphrases are much more secure and better than traditional passwords. They are also easy to remember.

These are not as strong as the kinds of passwords that are generated by password managers, but still they are good option if you don’t want to use a password manager in your WordPress.  Check out this free Passphrase Generator.

3. Convenience Software – Strong Passwords for WordPress
Another innovative and easy way to secure your password worries is to offload remembering your strong passwords with a password vault application.

There is some software like LastPass and 1Password which are designed while keeping in mind various security factors and to make saving and recalling unique passwords dead simple.

Therefore to lessen the friction of using password vault application, these software choices have browser extensions that can easily auto fill your login forms with just a mouse click and this makes setting of a complex password for every site and very easily.

4. Force Strong Passwords Plugin – Strong Passwords for WordPress
This innovative and unique plugin Force Strong Passwords duplicates the WordPress JavaScript password strength check in PHP and further forces different users to use a strong password.

So basically if any user who has the capability to publish posts and blogs or can upload files, then he must have a strong password. In this case, all you have to do is just install and activate the plugin and it will take care of rest for you.

5. Two Way Authentication Process – Strong Passwords for WordPress
This process helps you in securing your account or WordPress in a very different way because as soon as you enable this on your account, you will be prompted for a unique code each time you log into WordPress, in addition to your username and password.

WordPress offers two simple authentication steps by your mobile device in which it first verify your mobile device by sending a unique code and once you have verified your device, you can easily log in to your device with a unique password. It further sends a new code to your device which you must input before logging in.

So this is all you have to do to add a little extra security to your WordPress account.  Here are some popular plugins that offer WordPress Two Way Authentication.

It is clear that a weak password can be a sure fire way to let attackers into your WordPress account very easily. So, by keeping in mind the above discussed methods, you can easily pick strong passwords for your WordPress site and can secure it from all suspicious sources.

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