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How To Grow An Email List Using WordPress And Social Media

How To Grow an Email List Using WordPress and Social Media

Need to grow an email list using WordPress

All companies with an online presence want to increase their email subscribers by hook or by crook. It allows them to increase the user base, brand awareness, sales, and leads. There are many companies that neglect the huge influence of different social media websites in their Email marketing efforts.

Grow an Email List Using WordPress

So, they lose contact with a large number of potential customers and opportunities to grow their businesses manifold. You can grow an email list using WordPress.

Despite the introduction of new technologies and tools of communication in the market, successful Email Marketing enables online retailers to receive four times more new customers than any other digital marketing technique. So, what are the easy tips to grow Email subscribers through social media websites? Let’s find out.

1. Define A Strategy For Email Marketing Through Social Networking Websites

In order to conquer new Email subscribers through social media websites, you need to have a definite plan for it. Just determine What social networks are popular among your target audience. Write down the goals you want to achieve, your target audience, information needed by the customer to buy your product, at what time does your target audience actively use social networks prominently, etc. Evaluate all these factors and create a definite plan in this regard.

2. Choose Popular Communication Channels

Once you have a definite plan for grabbing new users through social media channels, you must solve an important tactical task. Choose the tone and style of communication with the audience available on social networks. You need to determine who will publish notes and respond to comments, how you will communicate with clients and colleagues. Follow some important guidelines as detailed here:

  • Assign a person for publishing content on social networks. Encourage him/her to use an informal style of communication with the audience
  • Choose a specialist who will play the role Email marketing expert +Social Media Optimizer. The specialist must answer complex user questions or moderate conflicts. SEO specialists Melbourne is a leading SMO firm that can help you to establish a healthy contact with customers and gain more subscribers through social media campaigns
  • Select the visual brand elements that you will use in Email marketing campaigns.

3. Create Quality Content For Newsletters

This is the most important step in your journey of Email marketing through social media channels because the content is the foundation for effective business promotion in social networks. Just announce your upcoming content in advance and write engaging articles based on the customer’s interest. Combine different types of content into one to prepare the high-quality materials. Pay attention to the visual attractiveness of posts.

This will help your publications attract the attention of users. Offer users info graphics, photos, presentations, eBooks, etc.

4. Optimize Your Content To Be Used On Social Media Websites

Even if you create very cool content, it will not be useful for the end user if not optimized. So, Write catchy headlines/titles/subtitles, take care of the readability of the content, use on-site widgets subscriptions and sharing, calls to action buttons, social media links in content. Just provide all these facilities in your content and optimize it for search engines and people alike.

5. Content Delivery Through Social Media Websites

Once your content is ready, distribute it on different social media websites. You should publish content on social networking websites at a time when a large number of users are active. If your content is engaging, your social media fans/followers will love to read it and subscribe your newsletters to receive further articles. Social Media Marketing Melbourne can help you in content marketing through social media websites.

6. Conduct Twitter Chats with Lead Generation Cards

Almost all companies have Twitter accounts to communicate with a large number of audience available on the platform. As an entrepreneur, you should not ignore the huge importance of Twitter chats.

It is designed to bring like-minded individuals to ask questions and discuss a wide range of topics. You should conduct Twitter chats from time-to-time and use lead generation cards in chats. This will encourage your followers to subscribe your newsletter and be a part of your lead generation process.

7. Lead Generation Facebook Ad

As Facebook is a leading social media website, you can use this platform to generate leads one after another. Just create advertising content and run it on your Facebook page. If your ads meet the needs of the end user, you will get the tremendous response from interest users. Just target your exact demographic in Facebook ads as it will help you a lot in gathering leads. If you don’t know how to create and run the Facebook ad, Digital Marketing Company Melbourne can help you do that easily and quickly.

8. Join Social Media Groups

Did you ever think about adding social media groups to your digital marketing campaigns? If not, then you must know that social groups expose your brand to millions of potential users within a short duration of time and chances of the business acquisition is increased a lot.

So, join social groups under your niche as soon as possible. It will allow you to market your brand easily and speak directly to interested customers. You will be able to add a good number of people to your Email lists in a short time span. If possible, create your own social media groups, invite people to join it and ask them to become your subscriber as well.

9. Follow The Metrics On Social Networks And Improve

It doesn’t matter how well you are performing in your efforts to add more people to Email lists via social media channels, you need to become active and track traffic from social networks on a regular basis. Pay attention to the number of subscribers, the number of re-posts, comments and “likes” to posts, user’s behavior on the site, conversion rate, total number of transactions, average check, income and profit, etc.

All these will let you know the high and low performing areas. Focus on low performing areas and mull what can be done to improve the conversion rate.

Final Words – Grow an Email List Using WordPress

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can easily grow your Email listing for your WordPress site through social media channels.

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