10 Best Wordpress Social Media Plugins To Increase Traffic

10 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins to Increase Traffic


Plugins continue to be some of the most important elements of WordPress-powered websites. What differentiate WordPress from other Content Management Systems (CMSs) is its versatility in customization and adaptability. You can easily create an environment that suits your ideas and your audience’s needs in a few simple clicks.

One of those needs is today’s necessity for social media integration. Increasing traffic through sites such as Facebook or Twitter isn’t as hard as it used to be. Recent surveys show that 3 billion people actively use social media platforms. This is a huge market which you can break through if you optimize your site with adequate plugins. With that in mind, let’s take a look at several high quality WordPress plugins for social media integration.

Social Warfare
10 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins To Increase Traffic

The best place to start with social media integration is to allow people to share your content. Social Warfare is a plugin designed for multiple social platforms and offers various sharing capabilities. You can track your content’s social media performance, interaction through different platforms as well as customize links for easier sharing. Social Warfare comes in a free and paid version – depending on your needs, you can opt for one or the other for your website. The tool is lightweight, simple to use on both sides and offers a social media incentive to your WordPress site.

Add to Any
10 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins To Increase Traffic

There are a few social media WordPress plugins with as many platforms to choose from as Add to Any. The tool is designed with social media sharing in mind and offers a plethora of platforms for you to choose from. You can customize the tool to work with anything from Facebook to Tumblr and LinkedIn. The secret success of Add to Any can be attributed to its lightweight design and free use license. All you have to do is install it and choose which platforms should be integrated into your content – the rest is up to your readers and SEO algorithms.

10 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins To Increase Traffic

Just as it’s important to include social media platforms on your blog, so it is to know which hits were made by actual people. Unfortunately, internet bots and machine-learning algorithms will scour the internet for interesting content. These hits will usually register as actual readers regardless of the unique access signature. MashShare is a social media plugin capable of distinguishing people from bots. You can access full sharing analytics and customize your content according to the data provided by MashShare. You will also effectively increase your actual traffic and eliminate any bot accesses to your content if you tweak the tool correctly.

10 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins To Increase Traffic

Monarch is a very popular social media integration plugin for WordPress CMS. It is a premium tool with over 20 social media platforms supported. What separates Monarch from the competition is the sheer versatility of customization on hand. You can very easily set up different visual elements on your pages to correspond with the rest of your website. Monarch allows for full technical and visual integration with whatever content you may have on offer. This depth of options is only complemented by the analytical tools available through Monarch.

10 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins To Increase Traffic

The goal of every content manager or a site admin is to increase their traffic and conversion rates. The plugins available on the market are usually only as good as the person who customizes them. Shareaholic is a plugin designed with maximum content monetization and traffic increase in mind. You can tweak your content through Shareaholic and add affiliate or promotional links in perfect positions. Implementing content localization is also quite easy through Shareaholic. You can check out some of the largest translation companies on the web and work with a professional translator in order to adapt your content for international audiences. Shareaholic is more than just a social media plugin – it knows what it is that you want and will do everything in its power to help out.

Revive Social
10 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins To Increase Traffic

In order to maintain a steady stream of readers from social media platforms, you need a good content calendar. You should have a new piece of content ready for publishing almost on a daily basis. Since that’s almost impossible, tools such as Revive Social are there to help you. The platform offers a unique tool titled “Revive Old Post” which is a WordPress plugin in itself. It can help you republish old content and market it as “revived” in order to get more exposure and traffic out of it.

Social Pug
10 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins To Increase Traffic

One of the key features of successful social media integration is positive social proof. People simply won’t interact with online content if no one else did it before them. To that end, Social Pug is a plugin that focuses solely on building positive social proof through your content. It integrates into your content and offers the standard sharing and interaction buttons we have all grown accustomed to. What it also does is make sure that people are incentive enough to share, like or comment on your content. Social Pug makes your content easier to read, load and most importantly – share on social media.

Swifty Bar
10 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins To Increase Traffic

You want to be unobtrusive in your social media integration in WordPress CMS. However, you also want to make sure that people acknowledge it and do something about it. Swifty Bar is a sticky bar plugin for WordPress with the standard packaging of sharing capabilities. What makes Swifty Bar interesting is that it integrates into the footer of any web browser that the reader is using. This makes it much easier and straightforward to share content on social media without breaking the pace of scrolling downward. It’s a unique design concept and one that many content managers will benefit from in their websites.

10 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins To Increase Traffic

It goes without saying that your site should have social media pages to its name. If so, Buffer is the perfect plugin for your website. It allows you to schedule posts for social media pages and share them without your explicit control. This automation process greatly contributes to your overall traffic and SEO ranking as a result. Buffer is capable of taking your site’s data and making sure that it becomes available through social media pages you have customized beforehand. The tool is perfect for businesses and individuals with a very high volume of content.

Kiwi Social Share
10 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins To Increase Traffic

Lastly, Google Analytics can indeed help your cause when WordPress CMS is concerned. To that end, Kiwi Social Share offers full Analytics implementation into your website. You can track your content’s performance and eliminate bottlenecks in addition to the now-standard sharing functionality. Kiwi is a light tool that won’t bog down your site’s performance and it has a lot to offer in exchange. The premium version of Kiwi allows for URL modifications and other neat features which will assuredly add to your cause.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right WordPress plugins for your site is a matter of trial and error. Make sure to try several before you settle for a few (or one) that works perfectly for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment and do whatever you can to increase your site’s appeal to the general audience. After all, WordPress websites are dime a dozen (covering over 30% of the web) and it’s important to stand out from the crowd.



    • Social Warfare is already in this article and the author’s intention was not to list every single plugin out there but the ones they deem are useful based on their experience with them.


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