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5 Valuable WordPress Rules That Will Always Be True

5 Valuable WordPress Rules That Will Always Be True

Looking for some valuable WordPress rules?

Have you ever heard of the Internet? Of course, you have, it’s such a foolish question. But did you know that WordPress powers around 30% of all websites you can browse on the Internet? Probably not!

Valuable WordPress Rules

WordPress is the largest content management system that most developers use to create websites. It is an open source technology that provides users with more than 55 thousand plugins, allowing you to do pretty much anything you want with your website.

As a system, WordPress is constantly evolving, but there are still a few universal principles that everyone has to respect. If you are developing a website on this content management platform, you need to know these never-changing fundamentals.

In this post, we will show you 5 valuable WordPress rules that will always be true. Let’s take a look!

1. Write a Program Specification – Valuable WordPress Rules

Everything you do starts with a good plan. A program specification is basically a plan of website design that you should prepare before developing a WordPress site. There are two things to notice here:

  • If you build your own website, program specification allows you to monitor progress smoothly.
  • If you build a website for one of your clients, program specification becomes even more important because you have a written proof of what your customer really wants. In case they demand additional features, you can demand more money for the project.

According to IT specialists at the writing service, a comprehensive program specification must include a checklist of elements that you want to incorporate in your website. This way, you will get the job done quickly and won’t have to make big rearrangements in the later stages of the project.

2. Be Careful With Your Domain Name – Valuable WordPress Rules

The name of your website tells a lot about the nature of your business. It should reveal your niche and fields of expertise, making it easier for potential visitors to search and find you. For instance, if you own a brand called ABCD the best option would be to name your website

But there is one very important catch here – you cannot mention “WordPress” in your domain name. It’s a registered trademark, so its owners have an exclusive right to use the brand name. On the other hand, you can use “WordPress” in a sub-domain.

In our example, it would look like this: However, sub-domains are not a good choice for the name of your website, so we strongly suggest you avoid this solution.

3. Target the Right Niche & Audience – Valuable WordPress Rules

Talking about domain relevance, we should add that it depends on the preferences of the target audience and your business in general. These two elements of WordPress website design go hand in hand with each other.

Okay, so we’ve seen that the most reasonable option for your site would be a simple But what if you are managing a global brand and want to create a website for the USA specifically? In this case, it would be even better to add a territorial mark and make it something like

You should always try to narrow down the nice and address relevant customers exclusively. After all, you could come up with a completely generic domain, but no one in the world would be searching for you. Therefore, the goal is to reveal the type of your business instantly.

4. Pay Attention to Branding – Valuable WordPress Rules

If you want to use any of the WordPress branding elements on your website, you have to pay attention to the official guidelines. WordPress Foundation made a compilation of official rules and standards, but here are the most important details in terms of website design:

  • Logo: WordPress is very strict about its logos, so make sure to use official visuals only.
  • Colors: The same goes for WordPress colors. The official colors are blues, orange, and grey (Pantone 7468, Pantone 1665, and Pantone Black 7).
  • Name: Did you notice the capital letter P in WordPress? Most people don’t see it, but if you mention WordPress anywhere on your website – make sure to use the capital P.

5. Follow WordPress Development – Valuable WordPress Rules

As the open source platform, WordPress is constantly changing and adding new features. Things change quickly in the digital world, so you have to follow state-of-the-art trends if you want to keep the site relevant.

According to the research, only somewhat more than 20% of sites are running on the latest version of WordPress. The figure proves that most webmasters don’t care about WordPress trends, but it will likely cause operational issues sooner or later.

You should be clever enough to update WordPress regularly, including the plugins. Besides that, don’t forget to backup your site every once in a while because you’ll be able to recover website in case something unexpected happens.

CONCLUSION – Valuable WordPress Rules

If you want to launch any kind of personal or professional project online, chances are you will use WordPress as the means of website creation. This means you need to understand the basic tactics of website design and learn a few universal WordPress principles.

In this post, we showed you 5 valuable WordPress rules that will always be true. Make sure to respect these principles and feel free to leave a comment if you have additional inquiries about the subject – we would be glad to answer you!

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