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I Need to Remove WordPress Infection

I Need to Remove WordPress Infection

Do you need to remove WordPress infection from your website?

If you need to remove WordPress infection, we understand that you may be in a little bit of a panic right now because your website is infected but we want to assure you and bring you some calmness and clarity that you have come to the right place. We have an experienced staff of agents that specialize in WordPress infection removal. We clean hundreds of websites all over the world for over 10 years now. Our infection specialists have seen it all and cleaned it all. Need emergency WordPress support?

We will jump into action immediately addressing your WordPress infection. We will guarantee that we complete the clean up the same day that you engage us to help. The exact time it takes to clean and secure a website depends on how bad the infection is on your WordPress installation.

On average we can usually complete each infection clean up in 2 hours or less. Our Infection Specialists know exactly what to look for, how to remove it and how to secure your site from future infections. We will make sure that any person that we are working with to remove a WordPress infection is of the highest and most important priority. We are here to react swiftly and guarantee that your website will be completely clean of any malicious code or activity.

Once the removal of your website infection is completed we will then take steps to enhance the overall security to avoid any future attacks. What is even better is that our infection removal service is affordable and well below the cost of any of our competitors. Many of the other service companies that offer WordPress infection removal will lock you into a monthly or annual plan that you have to continue to pay for. Our WordPress infection removal service is a one time fee with no ongoing expenses.

Do not just take our word for it. Please look below at a list of some of the most commonly used infection removal services and the cost associated with them. We want to highlight that we are 50% or more lower in cost than any of the companies listed below. More importantly than the affordable solution that we offer for WordPress infection removal is that we will react immediately and on average your website will be cleaned and secured in 2 hours or less from the time you engage our services.

Web hosts that offer malware cleanup service

Some of the major web hosts offer in-house infection cleanup services, or have partnered with another company. Here are some web hosts that do offer services to clean hacked WordPress sites. Take a look at the list below of these web hosting companies that offer infection clean up services and the large amount that they require to complete the service. Then take notice at the cost that we charge to complete a full infection removal on any WordPress site at the bottom of this page.

You will likely be very surprised at the wide range and cost from company to company. You will be even more surprised when you reach the bottom of this article and see how affordable our WordPress infection service is to get your website cleaned and secured instantly.

Godaddy Need to Remove WordPress Infection


GoDaddy is partnered with Sucuri for their security services. So this one is really expensive and up there on the cost list. The minimum investment here is $299.99 which is a $25 per month that you must commit to with a full year minimum. See the details of the service at the link below. https://ca.godaddy.com/web-security/malware-removal There are three packages offered. The most minimal is $6.99/month and offers the basics of malware removal, Google blacklisting removal, and priority support response time of 12-hours. The more expensive packages offer more and start at $19.99/year. https://www.godaddy.com/web-security/website-security However, if you’ve been hacked and need immediate help, they offer an express cleanup at $299.99, which will ensure your site is secure for over a year. https://www.godaddy.com/web-security/malware-removal

Bluehost Need to Remove WordPress Infection

Bluehost is partnered with Sitelock, when it comes to offering malware cleanup. Bluehost is another company that will promote for you a monthly charge that must be purchased at an annual minimum to remove any infection from your WordPress site. This plan of action is also very costly and is an ongoing expense. SiteLock Basic can be ordered from Bluehost when you sign up for web hosting at the special offer of $23.88 per domain, per year. They do offer to clean up the site, but may offer you other services to upgrade from the basic plan, which may cost more. If you’re not using Sitelocks basic plan and need emergency help to clean up malware, it’s $249.99 and is suppose to guarantee that your site will be clean for 30 days. https://www.bluehost.com/professional-services/sitedoctor

Siteground Need to Remove WordPress Infection

HostGator, like Bluehost, who both are under the same umbrella company, EIG, is partnered with Sitelock. HostGator uses Sitelock for their security. A one time cleanup is $200, but doesn’t seem to have any timeframe that the cleanup is guaranteed for. However, you can also choose to have the one time cleanup, plus monthly daily scans at the cost of $100 plus, 6.98/month. https://www.hostgator.com/help/article/my-website-is-infected?articles/my-account-was-hacked#emergency

Need to Remove WordPress Infection


Siteground offers from inhouse firewall and security, but is partnered Sucuri, and refers their hacked clients out to Sucuri. For $1.76 per month, you can get the SG Scanner service, but this doesn’t clean your hacked files. It does daily scans, and even allows you to force a new scan. https://www.siteground.com/tutorials/getting-started/sg-site-scanner/ Since Siteground partnered with Sucuri.net, their direct cheapest pricing for immediate emergency hacked repair is $199.99 per year, with a 12-hour response time.

WordPress Maintenance Companies that offer malware cleanup service

Need to Remove WordPress Infection


WPBuffs offers some services similar to WP Fix It. Their services are monthly ongoing maintenance plan. The only plan that includes malware removal is their Perform Plan Pro at $197 per month, which they use the iThemes Security Pro plugin to secure your website. https://wpbuffs.com/pricing/

Need to Remove WordPress Infection


Hack Repair strictly deals with cleaning hacked sites. However, no pricing is listed. You have to call for them to review and give you a price quote. We would always advise to take some caution when you have to actually call a company for a price. In most cases this can mean that the price of the service is not competitive or there is going to be an upsell action taken when you reach out to them. You can see details of this at the link below. https://hackrepair.com/my-web-site-was-hacked

Need to Remove WordPress Infection


Malcare offers WordPress security and one-time emergency malware service at the cost of $249. This includes a year’s subscription to their inhouse premium security plugin and BlogVault. https://www.malcare.com/get-emergency-help-for-hacked-wordpress-websites/

Need to Remove WordPress Infection


Wordfence is well known for their WordPress security plugin, but they also offer a one-time emergency cleanup for $179. This cost can go up, depending on their customer’s demand, so if you’re waiting in line, you might be paying more. With their cleanup service, they offer a free year for a license to their premium plugin. https://www.wordfence.com/wordfence-site-cleanings/

The logical & affordable choice for Cleaning Your WordPress Infection

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So, a lot of hosts fall back on partnering with places like Sucuri and Sitelock, which are quite expensive. For those who can’t afford the prices, using WP Fix It’s Infection clean service is probably more ideal. For $137, it gets one WordPress site cleaned! https://www.wpfixit.com/product/wordpress-malware-removal-service/

This means if you somehow are hacked or think you’ve got malware or something wrong security-wise on your WordPress site, we clean it – no questions asked. Additionally, we offer an extremely affordable insurance infection insurance at $57 per year, per site. We reply to our tickets as they come in and keep our clients updated as we clean their site. Some hacks, are simple and some are pretty extensive, so the actual process when we are working always depends on how big or small the hack is.

Most of our cleanups are resolved in the same day. At WP Fix It, we’re not a hosting company, but we offer affordable malware removal services for WordPress users, and we can work with most web hosts. We’ve cleaned up websites hosted on dozens of web hosts, especially from the above mentioned hosts.

We’ve found clients that have been suspended because their host found malware. All of these hosts will provide a file with a list of where the malware is located. Our agents usually clean those files, in order to satisfy the web host’s requirement to unsuspend the account. However, our job is never done when we get the web host to unsuspend the client’s account.

We always perform another scan, because from repeated experience, we’ve found other malware left behind, that the web host missed. Yes, Sitelock, Sucuri, Wordfence, and even some of the in house scanners like ClamAV for cPanel, have missed finding malicious code!

We’ve found that not all scanners will find code for phishing or altering search appearance. Some code looks harmless, but could be sending thousands of spam emails out. At WP Fix It, we often have to use our own eyeballs, which means, we know WordPress well enough to spot whether something doesn’t belong.

All of our cleanups, we usually make suggestions on improving your site’s security, what we did to secure your site, and ask you to do a handful of simple tasks to help guarantee our cleanup stays that way. Hopefully this break down of all the different malware cleanup service prices out there, will show you that WP Fix It gives more bang for the buck, while giving the same or better service as all of the other infection cleanup services out there.

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