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Avoid WordPress Security Breaches

3 Tips to Avoid WordPress Security Breaches

Avoid WordPress security breaches before it is too late…

Back in 2018, almost all websites that were hacked were WordPress websites—90 percent, according to ZDNet. Although we are already a few years past 2018, knowing that WordPress websites are highly targeted and successfully breached can be incredibly worrying to WordPress website owners. However, the reason behind this fact might be surprising to some individuals.

Avoid WordPress Security Breaches

Some may blame WordPress for being a content management system that lacks security. However, it is the user’s fault for all the breaches! As such, knowing how to secure your WordPress website will significantly reduce your likelihood of getting hacked. Add to the fact that a large portion of all existing websites uses WordPress, the 90-percent figure may seem a little more severe than it really is.

With that said, security must always be taken seriously. Here are some tips you can follow to avoid breaches on your WordPress website:

1. Update WordPress – Avoid WordPress Security Breaches

Updating WordPress is a must, simply because many of these updates feature security patches to fix loopholes, vulnerabilities, and the likes. Failure to update will merely mean that these vulnerabilities are open to the hacker’s use, allowing them to penetrate the website and wreak havoc. Unfortunately, many WordPress owners forget to update their websites, leading to breaches. 

To avoid this problem, you need to remind yourself to check for WordPress updates and install the necessary updates if new patches are available. While doing this, also look for updates in your plugins, and delete unused and outdated plugins. Outdated plugins may also end up becoming vulnerabilities that open your website to attacks.

2. Strengthen Passwords – Avoid WordPress Security Breaches

Passwords are there for a specific purpose: only allowing individuals with the proper credentials access to different information, tools, and more. In a website, such access may include admins accessing the CMS to manage the website. Unfortunately, weak passwords do little in protecting the website from any unauthorized access, and if a hacker manages to get their hand on the password, it is the end of said website.

To ensure this problem doesn’t happen to your WordPress website, always be sure to use tough-to-crack passwords. These passwords are long, contain numbers and special characters, and have upper and lower-case letters. If you find it hard to remember or create these passwords, using tools like a password manager and generator is a great way to pump out complicated passwords that you can still easily access.

3. Install Security Plugins – Avoid WordPress Security Breaches

One great thing about WordPress is the fact that you can install security plugins on it. These plugins, as the name implies, help to make the website much more secure. The lack thereof opens up the website to more vulnerabilities that could have been avoided if the plugins were used.

Now, if you are wondering what kind of plugins you can use for your WordPress, there’s plenty to consider. One of the more common plugins you can use is two-factor authentication. It is essentially a way to require permission from another device, such as your phone, should someone try and access your website. Other plugins you can use include CAPTCHA logins, malware scans, security alerts, and more, all of which secure your website in its unique ways.

Conclusion – Avoid WordPress Security Breaches

If you have yet to implement any of these security tips for your WordPress website, you must do so immediately. You never know when a hacker decides to attack your website, and you wouldn’t want to be caught without security implementations to protect your website and business. That being said, we understand that security isn’t the easiest thing in the world to set up and maintain. As such, we always recommend reaching out to WordPress security professionals to fortify your website to protect it from the dangers of the digital world. Check out our WordPress malware removal service.

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