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How to Install WordPress 1

How to Install WordPress a Few Different Ways

Learn how to install WordPress a few different ways…

There are a few different ways how to install WordPress and we want to show you how to do the two most popular ways. We could call these two different ways of how to install WordPress the EASY ways and the HARD way. Which one shall we show you first? Let us do the hard one…;)

Here are the ingredients you need on how to install WordPress the HARD way:

  1. A hosting account with the ability to use WordPress
  2. Web hosting control panel access
  3. Faith in your tech abilities and lots of coffee…. ;)


We firstly need to get a fresh copy of WordPress core files ready to be installed on our hosting server. To do this we will head over the the link below and click the blue download button. Save this in a location as we will use this in the next step.

How to Install WordPress


So we will have to upload the WordPress core zip file we downloaded in the last step to our hosting server. Before you panic you will be amazed how easy this actually is. Let us first log into our control panel (cPanel) and using our file manager navigate to the location where you want to install WordPress.

How to Install WordPress

In most cases this will be the root folder of your server. Once you are there we will click on UPLOAD icon and upload the WordPress core zip file you downloaded in step #1.

How to Install WordPress

After you have uploaded this zip file, you will need to unzip it. Piece of cake. Just highlight the file and either right click on select EXTRACT or click on the EXTRACT icon in the top menu. The extract location can stay as it is. We will move this files shortly to where they belong.

How to Install WordPress

Now that you have the files extracted to the server, enter the folder you just created. Please note in some web hosting control panels, you may need to refresh the screen to see the files you have uploaded or extracted. Inside the folder, select all files and either right click to select COPY or click the COPY icon in the top menu. Be sure you take a look at the path where you are copying these files and confirm this is where you want them.

How to Install WordPress

You can not go ahead and remove the zip file and the folder that was created when you unzipped the zip file. These are not needed anymore. Just highlight them and click the DELETE icon in the top menu.


Believe if or not we are half way there. We now need to create your database which WordPress uses to store and serve all the data your site needs to load properly. We will do this inside of your web hosting control panel. You want to click on MySQLDatabase Wizard.

How To Install WordPress A Few Different Ways

Follow the steps in naming your database and creating a database user. Make sure on the privileges step, you select all or you will not be able to have access to processes need for WordPress to work. Make sure you write down some where the info you just created. This will be your database name, database username and database password. We will need it shortly.

How to Install WordPress


We are sooooo close. We just need to connect the database with the files we installed earlier and this part is easy. You want to visit the URL address of where you placed your WordPress files. You will be prompted with a language selection. Pick the language you want your site to be in. You will then see a screen telling you the information you will need to complete setup. You should have all this as we just created it in the last step. Hit the LET’S GO button and enter in your details.

Now in the majority of setups, the Database Host is localhost and the Table Prefix is wp_. If you are unsure what these are you can always ask your hosting company for them. Once all the info has been entered, hit SUBMIT and you now know how to install WordPress (the HARD way).

How to Install WordPress
How to Install WordPress

Here are the ingredients you need on how to install WordPress the EASY way:

  1. A hosting account with the ability to use WordPress
  2. Web hosting control panel access with software install options
  3. Planned fun for after because this will not take long


All of the modern web hosting control panels have software auto installers. One of these of course is WordPress. You simply need to click on it and then follow the instructions. In less than a few minutes your WordPress site will be setup and ready to roll. Nice UH!!!!

How to Install WordPress
How to Install WordPress

That is it. You now know how to install WordPress both the easy and the hard way. Any questions, please comment below.

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