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15+ WordPress Edit Post Hacks

16 WordPress Edit Post Hacks

Looking for WordPress edit post hacks?

Are you someone who is a new user of WordPress and is passionate enough for making the best use of it? But, do you know that there are already many ones like you who have been working on it with sound knowledge, yet unsuccessful without coming to understand why their WordPress site isn’t ranking high in Google?

WordPress Edit Post Hacks

Anyway, we don’t want you to be like any of them and so being anxious about you here we have listed the top WordPress edit post hacks. Each hack guarantees you instant success on WordPress, so we request you to stay till the end for your betterment.

1. Arrange Images Neatly – WordPress Edit Post Hacks

You should never add images either only in a row or in a column. This irritates the visitors when they want to check each image as in such a case they are to scroll more. So, always add images in columns and rows. This creates a handsome look and lets the visitor see all the images at a time. Moreover, images must be original and contain a caption.

2. Choose Title Wisely – WordPress Edit Post Hacks

Your title is significant that will be the first thing to appear before the searchers. So, make it impressive and exceptional using the focus keyword.

3. Create Proper Heading – WordPress Edit Post Hacks

Everyone prefers a neatly arranged article to a disorganized one. For making your article arranged, you should create a specific segment, and a specific heading will represent that segment. To create heading 1, 2, 3, or more in WordPress, you can simply mark the text and click the paragraph.

4. Make Bullet Point – WordPress Edit Post Hacks

It is a proven fact that readers are more attracted to the information that is bulleted rather than being written in a typical style. So, you should always keep important information under bullet point. For this, you can simply click the ‘Bulleted list’ option that is available on the front line.  

5. Create An Impressive Summary – WordPress Edit Post Hacks

While posting your article, post it with an exciting summary on the archive and home pages. Eventually, the pages will load rapidly, page view will increase, and facsimile content on your site can be avoided. You can visit this drug test page to see how everything is neatly summarized under each category.

6. Write An Effective Meta Description – WordPress Edit Post Hacks

Meta is the short one-line description of the topic which you have dealt with in the article. In it, you must write down the importance of the topic for what the visitor should visit your website. While writing it, always conform to the length set by WordPress. Otherwise, it will turn to be valueless.

7. Add Horizontal Line – WordPress Edit Post Hacks

Addition of horizontal line may seem to be trivial to you, but it is equally important. You can place such a line just below every heading to make the headings more visible.

8. Add Category – WordPress Edit Post Hacks

Adding category means giving the visitor a preview of your writing. They can easily understand what type of product or service has been presented inside. Moreover, when you add a category, the search engine can easily display your article to the searchers if their searching category matches your one.

Nothing is insignificant in WordPress, and the featured image option is one of that. You can set a fabulous image that will represent the entire article and draw the attention of the searchers. However, your featured image mustn’t be copied.

10. Set Focus Keyword – WordPress Edit Post Hacks

Focus keyword refers to that focused topic that has been strongly highlighted in your writing. When you set the key word in the box, WordPress will show you the density of it. You must modify the density according to the report of WordPress.

Besides setting the focus keyword, don’t forget adding some more related keywords those must also be present in writing to a specific volume. Remember that creating related keywords require sound knowledge in the synonym of the focus keyword.

12. Check The Preview – WordPress Edit Post Hacks

Once the writing is completed, don’t be quick in publishing it instantly. Instead, it is wise for you to check the entire article by yourself as a reader using the ‘Submit for review’ option. If you find everything okay from the perspective of a reader, only then publish it finally.

You should insert specific internal links into a post. So, when users click on any of those intentionally or unintentionally, that specific article gets more visitors. But, never insert the links forcibly rather naturally so that readers find those relevant.

14. Insert Video – WordPress Edit Post Hacks

Sometimes adding images may not be enough to make your reader understand of your entire topic or a specific point. In such a case, it is wise to insert relevant and original video using the ‘video’ option.

15. Add Download Or Signup Button – WordPress Edit Post Hacks

If your writing topic is something that can be downloaded or signed up, then you must leave a button at the end of the post inscribing ‘download or signup.’ This will impress visitors.

16. Add Relevant Tags – WordPress Edit Post Hacks

Tags are very important for your WordPress site as those help your post appear before the searchers’ screen when they search something relevant to your topic. Therefore, choose the tags wisely and add as many as seems to be relevant.

Conclusion – WordPress Edit Post Hacks

So, this was all about the hacks of publishing articles on the WordPress site. We can guarantee if you ensure the perfect use of each of these, the number of your visitors and users is going to increase rampantly. So, it is time you made the best use of the entire article; this is where our success lies.

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