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Using a Content Delivery Network for WordPress

Why Using a Content Delivery Network for WordPress Is Vital

Using a Content Delivery Network for WordPress

Using a Content Delivery Network for WordPress is so important for WordPress speed.

One of the most important things to any website, including WordPress, is speed. A great way to do that in today’s modern times is using a content delivery network (CDN). Your web server will be less burdened, and content will get to your visitors faster. When you speed up your WordPress site that way, users will have a great experience.

It should be noted that CDN doesn’t just speed up WordPress. No matter which website you have at hand, CDN will help. Essentially, they’re a global network of servers (POPs) located worldwide. Let’s focus, now, on WordPress.

A content delivery network consists of several servers spread throughout the world. All these servers have a mirror image of your website. When someone tries to load a certain webpage, the server closest to his or her physical location is used for content delivery.

This technology may seem too complicated but these days it is within every bloggers reach. On WordPress you just have to install a decent cache plugin to integrate your site with a CDN.

However, just because you can use this technology doesn’t mean you have to. In some situations a CDN is completely redundant. In this article we have listed a couple of such situations, but before that lets have a look at the advantages that these networks have to offer.

1. Using a Content Delivery Network for WordPress

The very design of CDN is meant for hosting and delivering WordPress site static (occasionally dynamic) copies of content. This includes the likes of JavaScript, CSS, images, and video streams. Take note that the CDN is not the same thing as a WordPress host. There is no way for CDN to replace a hosting provider. What it does is give website speed a good boost. 

The way CDN works is quite simple. You will end up having to pick a physical data center location. Let’s say you pick Asia. Your website can be physically located in Singapore, the Philippines, or similar. When someone in New York, USA visits the website, it will load much slower than a visitor from Manila, Philippines. That’s because the data has more of a route to travel. That is usually described through the term latency. It refers to the delay and/or time involved with data’s transmission over a certain network. Latency increases as the distance widens. 

2. Benefits of CDN

There are many benefits to using a CDN for your WordPress website. Read on for more information:

  • Website Availability and Scalability Improves

Multiple POPs offer content copies in various geographic locations. That means if a server goes down, the web traffic is routed dynamically to another one. Scalability is no longer a point of worry either since that’s already a consideration when CDN providers are built. Since the bulk of the load is handled, a CDN can prevent website crashes.

  • Website Bandwidth Cost Lowers

CDN helps with offloading resources and CPU from the origin server (hosting server). In that way, when there’s traffic spiking, the host won’t get overwhelmed. Moreover, bandwidth costs will also be decreased. Imagine something going viral. That’s good, right? It would be if the resulting bill from your host wasn’t so high. 

  • Website Performance Gets a Boost

A website’s performance getting a notable increase is a key reason for CDN to be used. At this point, it’s rather common knowledge that having a website that loads quicker is clearly connected to conversion rates increasing. The average duration of a visit gets longer as well, and bounce rates lower as a result.


A great way to speed up a WordPress website is through the content delivery network, or CDN. It should not be confused as a hosting provider, however. Benefits of using it include boosting website performance, lowering bandwidth cost, and improving the website’s availability and scalability.

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