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Temporarily Turn Off All Plugins To Troubleshoot WordPress Issues

Turn Off All Plugins With 1 Simple Click of a Button… WOW!

So often when you are dealing with a WordPress issue it is highly likely that the problem you are experiencing is being caused by a plugin conflict

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This means that some active plug-in within your WordPress website is causing havoc and creating issues when it comes to functionality.

The best way to isolate and identify if you are in fact having a plugin conflict is to turn off all of the active plugins and see if your issue goes away.

There are a few different ways that you can do this.

  1. Select all plugins and then select deactivate
  2. Rename the plugins folders on your server to another name

Now the two ways mentioned above will surely deactivate all of your plugins but the downside is depending on how the plugin has been developed it may adjust some of the options or settings for an individual plugin and when you choose to reactivate them there may be some discrepancies in functionality or display on your website.

😎 The Better way to turn off all plugins…

A better method is to temporarily disable all of your plugins while keeping all of the settings intact for when you decide to reactivate them.

We have just developed this exact concept into our WP Fix It Toolbox plugin which will allow you to temporarily disable all of your active WordPress plugins and keep all the settings in place to avoid any complications when you reactivate them.


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