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Setup a WordPress Site For Free in Seconds

Do you need to set up a WordPress site for free?

There is a super slick third party service to setup a WordPress site For free called Taste WP. Within a matter of seconds you can spin up a fully functional WordPress website for no cost.

There are also adjustable features for your setup which include the WordPress version, the server PHP version, advanced wp-config options and plugin or theme options.

Free Site
Setup a WordPress Site For Free

Take a look at a list of things below that this type of free tool is powerful for.

Get started with WordPress quickly and migrate your work to the site you want to use permanently.

Play around with new themes & plugins before using them on your “real” site.​

Clone your live site to this demo site to try out things you don’t want to do on live​.

How Long Does Your WordPress Site Stay Active?

Currently they delete it after 48 hours for non logged in users and 7 days for logged in.

You can create a free account in order to get a login to their website and allow your WordPress site to stay active for 7 days.

Soon we’ll give you the option to extend it, or to host it with us permanently.

How Much Storage Does Your WordPress Site Get?

For now, it is limited to ~1GB per instance. They will offer expansion options soon.

How Many WordPress Site Can You Create?

Currently they allow you to create 2 sites at once for non logged in users and 6 for logged in users.

Can I Migrate My WordPress Site?

By default a migration plugin is installed (Backup Migration) – use that to copy your files to another host.

We are very happy to have stumbled across this tool as it can be very useful for us when troubleshooting WordPress issues for our customers. We can spin up a WordPress instance to troubleshoot plugin conflicts and theme conflicts and also rule out any hosting environment issues.

This tool is also extremely powerful for testing functionality of plugins that you have not installed on your website yet.

Spin up your free WordPress website by clicking on the image below.

Setup a WordPress Site For Free

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