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If you are a member of any type of online community that is the topic of WordPress, you will know all to well that the question of “Who is the BEST hosting company for WordPress” comes up a lot. Hosting is the foundation of your WordPress site and it is sooo important that you choice wisely when picking a host to store and serve your website files to the world.

Now that is easier said than done. There are many to pick from and they all love to claim that they are the best hosting company for WordPress.

So instead of telling you who is good and who is bad, as most of that is opinion and based on actual experience of the host and their service, we thought that we would put together this article to share a list of 6 MUST HAVES when selecting a host for your WordPress site.

That way you can arm yourself with a great group of questions to ask a hosting company before you become their customer.

1. Do you operate 24/7? – WordPress Host
Websites run around the clock and so should your host in case you need them for support. We have seen it often where we are trying to fix a WordPress site but need information from the host and the host is not available on weekends or weeknights.

2. How are support requests handled? – WordPress Host
There are many different ways a host can offer support to their customers. Some offer phone, some email, some ticket system and some all the above. The best thing to do here is to ask yourself which way do you like to communicate the most and then make sure that the host you are interested in offers that form of communication for your support requests.

3. How fast are support requests resolved? – WordPress Host
Time is money right? Especially is you are running an online store. But even if you are not, we are certain you want your support requests handled swiftly. This period of time includes from the moment you reach out to the conclusion. We have seen several hosts that have their customers on hold for 30-60 minutes before they can even talk to anyone about their issue.

4. Will my website be secure from harm? – WordPress Host
The Word Wide Web means there are many potential security risks out there that can attack the server that hosts your site. Chances are as well that your site will be hosted on a server with many other websites and you are only as secure as the weakest site.

It’s important to ask the host what type of security measures are included with the hosting account you are interested in.

5. What types of support are included or not included? – WordPress Host
It is true you pay your host to store and serve your website files but they are also there to support it and make sure for the most part it runs smoothly. However they are not there to re-design your site our install and setup plugins and themes.

It’s best to get an overall idea in the beginning of what you can reach out to them for and make sure they are taking ownership of maintaining the server integrity and delivery of your site to the web.

6. Will my website server always be online? – WordPress Host
This is an often overlooked question that is important. A good host can give you an Up Time % which will show you how often their servers go down. Now if you are on the hunt for 100%, stop hunting becasue it does not exist. Only guarantees in life are death and taxes right?

A great target number to hit for this is 99% or higher.

This is our simple MUST HAVES list when deciding on a good solid host for your WordPress site. Remember that if you are serious about your site, do not shop WordPress Host by price. Cheap price might give you cheap service and service is one of the most important things that you need in a host.

Please comment below if you have any questions.

WHO IS YOU FAVORITE HOST? – comment below.

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