If anything on your WordPress site is broken and not working the way it should, this service will fix it for you the RIGHT WAY. Our WordPress Fix It Agents are ready and waiting to get your WordPress issue fixed. This service will cover any single WordPress issue. Speed issuesinfection cleanups and site migrations are not part of general support. One ticket will resolve a single WordPress issue. You can purchase multiple tickets that never expire to save money on future support or multiple issues you need fixed.


“They got my site up and running in less than 30 minutes!”

I was dealing with the dreaded white screen of death and you could not see any content on my site. WP Fix It was able to fix this for me in record time and get my site running smoothly again. Will be back here again for support!!! 










WordPress can be funky and new versions can cause issues


Plugin conflicts happen often and can be a daunting task to fix


Is there something strange going on inside your WordPress theme


Have something that just does not make sense and you need it fixed
Our Guarantee is Super Simple
  •   We will never require an additional cost for this service. You only pay $39
  •   Your ticket will be assigned to an Agent and responded to immediately
  •   Our WP Fixers will work diligently on your issue until it is resolved
  •   If an issue is not resolved, we will refund your payment right away
  •   We value you not the payment and pride ourselves in fixing your issue




Your one time payment of $39 secures your support request will be completed FAST



After payment you will be sent to a place to provide your website details


We will jump into action to fix your WordPress website issue as fast as possible


This service will cover any single WordPress issue. Speed issuesinfection cleanups and site migrations are not part of General Support. One ticket will resolve a single WordPress issue. You can purchase multiple tickets that never expire to save money on future support or multiple issues you need fixed.






Your Agent Is Assigned Instantly



Only The Greatest WordPress Minds

Back when we started our business in 2009, there were very few companies that were specializing in WordPress Support or even “Managed WordPress Services“. It was mostly freelancers and development companies that built WordPress sites and then had to support them for their clients after the build was complete. There was no single company offering flat fee WordPress Support.




Fixing WordPress Since 2003



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Fixing WordPress Since 2009



Fixing WordPress Since 2009



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246 reviews for WordPress Instant Support

  1. Ryan

    You were fast and reliable as always. I had people from another company working on this for well over 24hrs and they were never able to figure it out.

  2. nicoland8

    I’m impressed. This is the fastest, most efficient service I have ever experienced in years. I will always contact you from now on for my WordPress problems!

  3. Shari

    Once again, WP FIX IT is brilliant. Thank you for your amazingly quick response. I tried to perform the same tasks and gave up after several hours. Of course you fixed everything in minutes.

  4. hitchedbyheather

    WP FIX IT was wonderful. Fixed my issue I was working on for 6 hours in record timing and exceeded my expectations. Very much appreciate the hard work!

  5. Hannah

    The ability to communicate inside your platform is so easy and efficient and I feel safe knowing passwords are not being emailed. WP Fix It is FANTASTIC to work with. Thank you so much. I will tell my blogger friends.

  6. jmolema

    I’m so appreciative of your speedy help for a reasonable cost. Can’t thank you enough. White screen of death gone!

  7. modelscouts

    WP FIX IT is AWESOME! He fixed a tricky problem inside our membership site and we are very happy now! :) Thank you!

  8. Beyond130

    Very fast and got it fixed right away!

  9. Halsadig

    Very happy with the result, and would definitely reuse and recommend WP Fix It to anyone experiencing problems with their WP site.

  10. rhwp

    Super fast. Super effective. Thanks.

  11. vcolman

    Oh my gosh. 24 hours of calling a million people. Didn’t even know a company like yours existed. Thank you so much for your help!!

  12. jwilliams

    Everything went very well and was very quick!

  13. Nora

    Thanks so much. I had no time to do this… you are my favorite rescue. :)

  14. bhive549

    You are awesome. Thank you very much!!! I was having the most bizarre mobile display of my site and could not fix it. I think this took you like 30 seconds to repair. LOVE IT!!!

  15. Beyond130

    Wow that was fast! Thanks so much for your help!

  16. Bchaplin

    Sweet thanks great job. It has effectively fixed all! Great job!

  17. sshepard723

    Very quick resolution of issue along with full description of problem and suggested follow up. Thank you!

  18. zenica

    Couldn’t believe how quick & convenient the whole process was!! Makes me wonder why I took so long to try & fix the problem.

  19. Joan

    Jay took 5 minutes to fix something I’ve been struggling over for hours. That’s why I’m a repeat customer.

  20. Kay

    Excellent work from WP Fix It. They always come through for me.

  21. adventureco

    Incredible service and communication. Really value the amazing experience.

  22. bramey60

    Thanks again for your help! I will always turn to you all when I have an issue.

  23. nathan.mark

    Fixed my problem within 10 minutes of submitting the ticket and gave me helpful advise for how to avoid similar problems in the future. Highly satisfied!!!

  24. Brady

    I spent hours trying to diagnose the problem and pulling out my hair. This was brilliant service.

  25. BTWSB

    Absolute miracle workers. How did you fix my site sooooo FAST!

  26. Candice

    Couldn’t have asked for faster or friendlier service. My issue was fixed in under an hour. Freaking awesome!! I will be coming back if I have any more WP issues.

  27. byadid

    Was PHENOMENALLY FAST and patient with all my questions about a site transfer not displaying correctly due to missing database files from a previous backup. He had our site back up and running within half an hour. I highly recommend this service!

  28. mbergh0930

    I can’t believe how easy this was . I wish I’d gone to you sooner! Thank you!!

  29. cherylwellman

    Was fixed within 10 minutes beginning to end.

  30. bof1998

    Second time I have used your service and it’s been awesome both times. I will use again and I highly recommend.

  31. Alissa

    Thank you! Resolved my issue perfectly and super quickly!!

  32. golfbox

    Amazing. Thanks. Will definitely use again when I’m stuck.

  33. cre8tive_mg

    Jay is the best person, out of all the people he always helps and gets the work done right the first time. Thank you for always helping me out!

  34. Justin

    Did amazing at helping me fix my site. SO fast and so knowledgeable! Wow!

  35. Vupinder11

    They did a great job. Fast and efficient!!! Can not wait to use them again.

  36. Kelly

    Quick, courteous and fixed an issue I was trying to fix for 2 days in 15 minutes. Very happy!

  37. etiennelicari

    Great. This works well. This is one happy customer.

  38. tammymilo

    I will certainly be using this service again. Thank you Jay, for the quick fix!

  39. drob2k17

    I will be using you CONSTANTLY!

  40. justus

    They were very quick while being detailed! Thank you again for the fix!

  41. sirr

    I want to say thank you for all the amazing work you did to get this site e-store back up and ruining. I know it was a unique scenario but you stuck in there and didn’t give up on me. I really a appreciate it. I know exactly where to go if I have any problems in the future. I even plan to try the speed service and the virus protect all because of this experience.

  42. cds5876

    Very helpful & amazing how quickly they took care of the problems we were having!!

  43. davidh

    Super quick and easy fix. Half the price of what I was quote elsewhere.

  44. BOSONG

    WP FIX IT Is the best, they have helped me before, they work fast and are pros all the way… :)

  45. pijacuser

    WP Fix It quickly and expertly addressed the issue with formatting of our content. Thank you!

  46. Kevin

    Quick and convenient as usual!

  47. Michelle

    Always appreciate the speed and great communication. Thank you!

  48. Kevin

    Fast and convenient!

  49. Pavel

    Great support! Quick answers, They did a great job! Give them some more money please :)))

  50. SDPS

    Thanks again for helping me get this fixed! And so quick! :D

  51. Bruce

    Thank you for taking the time to fix this. You all are great!!

  52. Jeff Lewis

    They fixed my issues quickly. Great Job!

  53. Kevin

    Fast and convenient service as always!

  54. Joseph

    Man, I love you guys. I will definitely bookmark you guys for next time I do something stupid.

  55. Shervin

    You guys are pretty awesome. My go to WP ninjas!

  56. Paula

    Thank you – the site is back up and running and looking great. You are awesome !

  57. Dirkje Evers Evers | Groeikans

    Fast and exactly what I wanted! Thanks!

  58. Joshua

    Thank you for your quick help. I’m happy you were able to catch what I missed.

  59. Angela

    Awesome, thanks. Has taken days for me to sort this out and you managed it within a day. I have another ticket I will submit shortly.

  60. jordan

    WP Fix It is always on it and a very responsive company to work with. I like how you are honest and if I pay for something I do not need you credit it back. You guys are great. I will keep using you always!

  61. Izzy

    They fixed my issue literally within minutes. I had contacted 3 different WordPress support ticket-on-demand services – WP Fix It was was the fastest and most reliable. Instant results and kind operators!!!

  62. Heather

    Phew. Thank you so much. I will be sure to be on the lookout for that next time. Hopefully there won’t be a next time. Thanks again!

  63. Lisa

    Ha! Best $39 I ever spent. I can’t believe how fast you got to that.

  64. Karin

    Thank you! Very fast reply and very professional service. I am glad you are on my team!

  65. Tina

    The tech was patient and knowledgeable. This was excellent customer service (and not just because the problem was resolved). Thanks for a professional and positive experience.

  66. Joel

    A Google search led me to WP Fix It, I entered a ticked, answered a couple of questions and a few minutes later the WordPress blog site was working again. I will definitely ping them again if I have another problem.

  67. Danielle

    This service as super fast and very helpful on my sites problems! Would recommend your service. Thank you!

  68. Sambo

    I found your service prompt and quite thorough. Solved an issue that other “WP Experts” couldn’t identify. Well worth the money spent, will use you in the future.

  69. John

    Support was very thorough and responsive! Fixed the problem with our WordPress log in less than 1 hour. This was a great way to get some support on an isolated issue, definitely recommend WP Fix It if you have an issue that needs help right away!

  70. Jason

    You guys were very prompt and able to diagnose the issue in a very quick amount of time! Thank you so much!!!

  71. Jennifer

    Very patient in working through the issue with me. Managed to restore our website to complete working order in a very short time. Great experience!!

  72. tapan

    My hosting provider was trying to fix my WP issue for 5 days. After creating a ticket with you guys (WP Fix It), you fixed in less than 10 minutes. Thank you so much.

  73. Christopher

    First time I had need of an outfit like yours and am delighted with the outcome! You will be my first port of call with all WordPress issues.

  74. Greg

    Great job and great service. They fixed the problem very quickly!

  75. Josh

    Great experience working with you. Thanks, guys!

  76. Christopher

    My issue was resolved perfectly. Fast and right down to the point! Love it.

  77. Chantelle

    Fantastic! Fast service, great work. Looks wonderful. Thank you so much!

  78. Mary

    Very quick, responsive service. I would highly recommend WP-FixIt for all your WordPress problems. And if you’re on the fence, remember time is a commodity just like money – one that you can never reclaim. Buying their services will be money well spent, and will free you up to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

  79. Julia

    Fast, export support resolved an issue I’d been working on for many hours in just a few minutes. Well worth the investment.

  80. Luis

    Great work. Fast service.

  81. lisa

    I was very nervous about using a remote person to help me with moving our site but they were fast and very helpful. I plan to use their service again and would pay double :)

  82. Donna

    WP Fix It responded in record time! Thank you so much! I was pulling my hair out! Thanks to WP Fix It I have a few strands left!

  83. Cassandra

    Wow! That was an exceptionally fast repair. Thank you so much!

  84. Jesse

    This was a big load off my shoulders. Thanks a lot. You were the 5th or 6th person to look at this problem. Thanks for fixing it right!

  85. rik

    I had a great experience. The support was very responsive and solved my issues very quickly. I am putting you all on speed dial.

  86. Doug

    Thanks. We’ll be back whenever we mess it up again!

  87. Jim

    I was completely baffled why some images would appear in my WordPress preview while others did not. After asking some questions and doing some digging, WP Fix It was able to find the problem. It was buried in code which I never would have found. They saved me BIG TIME! Money well spent!

  88. Jorge

    WP Fix It really works! I’m a very experienced WordPress user. I stumbled upon a weird error using WP_DEBUG and I was totally stuck. The problem was identified and solved in mere minutes, without any blog downtime and without even disabling a simple plugin. I’m impressed!

  89. Sean

    AMAZING. Lightning fast fixes and knowledgeable service. 1000 thumbs up!

  90. Hugh Whitaker

    Quick easy and helpful, will definitely use again!

  91. Chris

    WordPress support is truly great. This team in very professional, accurate, and fast. I will use this company for every issue i come across with my WordPress sites. Thank you.

  92. glenn

    This is a great WordPress Support service that’s quick, affordable and very very efficient.  I will be using this service again!!!

  93. Jenny

    All I can say is “Where have you been all my life!”. I had googled 500 fixes for my site problems over three days, when I could have simply contacted you. Being in Australia, I sent the request through late at night, and woke in the morning to it being fixed. Will recommend to others and am sure I’ll be back! Thanks. 

  94. Katie

    Great experience, super fast, will be recommending you guys to my design clients for WordPress maintenance and updates. Thank you! :)

  95. patrice

    Extremely personable, a ton of knowledge and good will, not to mention patience. Once provided with reliable information was quick to solve the presenting issues.

  96. Steve

    You guys have helped me out quite a few times, and have always been exceptionally patient and thorough. I’d be lost without WP Fix It, and your knowledge quickly gets me up and running. I’ve never had to wait long for a reply, and then it takes your guys only a few minutes to fix my problem. The professionalism and knowledge are off the charts! Thank you for all you’ve done for my site.

  97. Alton

    Thanks for the AWESOME fix, I still have some hair left.

  98. Michelle

    Thank you so much! I’m so thankful for your company. These little niggly things would go undone without a fast and affordable solution.

  99. maylis

    They were super nice to work with, I am just so impressed how they could fix this! I will use them again, excellent work!

  100. Jeannette

    WP FIX IT is the best! There were super helpful and fixed our problem right away. Definitely would recommend them to everyone! Thanks again!

  101. Jonas Knap

    Absolutely awesome service, will rate 5/5! :D

  102. Talal

    Professional, patient and quick!  I wish I had known about WP Fix It years ago!

  103. Shahrouz

    Fixed the problem in less than an hour.  Awesome!!

  104. Tom

    You guys are so AWESOME!  I bought a 10 pack of tickets and I am so happy with the result of my first 3 tickets completed. Really appreciate the help.

  105. glen

    Absolutely fantastic customer service, one of the best I’ve seen in fact. Very clear with their communication and had a brilliant understanding on WordPress and how important a website is, and best about it, you see what they are working out while connected to a live chat. Just incredible! I would highly recommend them.

  106. Sarah

    They were outstanding! It was great working with them. They were very patient. I will definitely use your service again!

  107. Eric

    I wasn’t the easiest customer, but their Fix It Agent came through with the knowledge I needed to make it a better day!

  108. Jesse

    Great work. Exactly what I needed. Thanks!

  109. Wendy

    Fabulous, friendly and efficient service! My new go to for WordPress fixes!

  110. Suzanne

    I would have never been able to troubleshoot what was causing the errors I was seeing in the WP Admin. Many thank yous :)

  111. Drew

    Very quick response. They asked great questions and had wonderful attitudes. I am looking forward to a great relationship with this company moving forward.

  112. Arlene

    Thank you. Yes you have gone above and beyond!  And I certainly appreciate it – I know because I have been there myself.  You have me as a loyal customer.   Thank you thank you!

  113. Jesse

    WP Fix It did everything I needed done on my WordPress site. They communicated well with me and I am so happy with the service I received.

  114. Wendy

    Lightening speed! Sooo grateful for your expertise on placing snippet code on my site.

  115. Eric Lyon

    Awesome as usual, 10 tickets were purchased today, such a good purchase, thank you for your good service!

  116. Amy

    Absolutely fantastic ! A problem that had been annoying me for weeks was solved within 30 minutes of the time I submitted my ticket. Seriously … 30 minutes. Amazing. Thank you !

  117. Jahangeer

    Best support for WordPress. Will definitely recommend to friends on blogs and social media!

  118. Christopher

    Once I got the right password, the problem was fixed super fast! Excellent!

  119. Nichlas

    Just had my first ticket resolved, and I can strongly recommend the WP Fix It team. Their process is seamless and the communication fast. I’m absolutely thrilled that a service like this exists, as it literally spares you from all the headaches and wasted hours when you can’t figure out the issue yourself.

    This will be my go-to company when in need.

    Good job guys!

  120. Laurie

    Jay did an amazing job of understanding the problem, finding all related issues and building trust. He worked with urgency, respect and mad skills. I am very pleased with the work. Will use your team again and recommend.

  121. Kymberlie

    I had a very delightful customer experience. Thank you for a wonderful service.

  122. mariwig1

    I appreciate the WP Fix It team for fixing and helping my small company feel like we are part of a big team of professionals.  Thank you! 

  123. Chuck

    Yep – it was solved. Done quickly with a little lesson on how they fixed it as well. WHAT A SERVICE!!!

  124. Eric Lyon

    Awesome and fast, good fix of responsive menu problem, highly recommend! Thank you!

  125. Oren

    I love you guys! I can’t believe how crazy I was going trying to fix my issue and you resolved it in less than 10 minutes from the time I submitted my request.

  126. kristine

    I have been very happy every time I’ve worked with your team. Thank you for the quick response today!

  127. Paul

    The person who worked with me was very patient. He did just what I wanted. Thank you for your help.

  128. Jaryd

    I cannot thank you guys enough! Fast and efficient! 

  129. Priya Florence Shah

    Thanks. You guys are awesome. I am so grateful to you for resolving this issue.

  130. Eloine

    Very fast knowledgeable service!

  131. Zaida

    The response was fast all the time. Also, the person that was working on my ticket was very professional. Thank you so much! I am completely satisfied.

  132. Abbi

    Prompt. Affordable and great communication.  I’ll be using this service in the future for sure!

  133. Felix

    Fast and exceptional service! I will be recommending this site to all my clients. Thank you for your help!

  134. Brad

    Resolved my issue in a timely manner. Thank you!!

  135. Chrs

    Can’t say how happy I am to have worked with you all. Simply Awesome!

  136. Jaz

    Jay and this service is incredible! Patient, funny and an expert.

  137. Patrick

    Had a great experience, were able to fix my problem and get my site functioning back the way it was.

  138. Jake

    The response time and clear communication from Jay was incredible. There’s no question that I’ll be using you again, thanks so much for all your help!

  139. Martin

    I’ve never had such fast and reliable service in my life…Brilliant!

    Recommend recommend recommend!

  140. Brian

    Great service and you got the job done! I’m quite impressed!

  141. Christan

    Fast and responsive – the best $40 I have EVER spent on support!

  142. Shannon

    I cant begin to tell you how thankful I am. Jay was attentive and quick. I am so very pleased. I will definitely use you guys again! With my sincerest gratitude, thank you!

  143. Shannon

    Jay is the MAN when it comes to customer service and technical skills in WordPress! I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks, Jay!

  144. karl

    Problems solved within an!

  145. Matt

    Thank you! I’m sure this was a tough one but you hung in there and got it done… I WILL be back!

  146. Linda

    Fixed! Excellent!

  147. Robert

    I am totally BLOWN AWAY by both the quality and speed of the WP Fix It support. They diagnosed and fixed my theme’s responsive layout quirk. This services rates 10 out 10 stars.

  148. Robyn

    There’s nothing more frustrating than the confusion you can often face when tackling a WordPress problem. Not only did they fix my issue, they explained to me what went wrong, so I am equipped with knowledge for the future. Best customer service, super fast, will definitely use again!

  149. Susan

    Awesome support as always. Super fast too! Thank you!!

  150. Lewis

    Absolutely fantastic service. Responsive communication and resolved the problem in no time.

  151. esther

    Never had a problem you couldn’t fix!

  152. renay

    Quick response. Fixed a very bizarre issue on my WordPress site. Very helpful. Perfect!!

  153. Rachel

    Fixed in less than 10 minutes! Thanks!

  154. Erica

    Amazing!! I have been having an issue with my site that I’ve been putting a band-aid over for almost a year and in under an hour of looking, Jay was able to fix it completely for me! Couldn’t be happier and more relieved! Thank you so much!!

  155. Jim

    Tracked down and fixed a problem I had for over two months I couldn’t solve. Great Job.

  156. Donnie

    All I can say is WOW! Jay was my developer and he gave excellent communication and took care of all my issues ASAP! I will always use these guys!!

  157. Susan

    You guys are so awesome! This was my first experience with WP Fix It and I will definitely use your service again! Thank you for being affordable too!!

  158. James

    Once again you guys have bailed me out of what seemed to be an impossible situation. Could not be more grateful. Thanks!

  159. Victoria

    My ticket was a complicated order but the representative stayed in it until it was solved.  We are talking over 50 communications back and forth. The agent working with me was so polite and responsive. I will coming back to WP Fix It with all my WordPress problems.

  160. Larry

    As always, you amaze me how you can resolve some of these issues so fast! Thank you again and again!

  161. Andrew

    You are amazing!

    Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

    You can close the ticket and I am a very happy customer. ;)
    I will remember you guys if I need help with other issues.

  162. Tevya

    Thank you so much! You’re awesome. I’ll likely use you all in the future.

  163. esther

    Fast and efficient. Fixed my slow WordPress site. Problem solved! Thanks, WP Fix It

  164. Ashley Stamper

    Saved my day! Now I can launch this WordPress site!

  165. Cody

    Their agent Jay did WAY better than expected. I submitted my ticket and within 2 minutes Jay was at my service and brought The Entrepreneurs Library back up in less than 45 minutes! WP Fix It is now our go-to peeps.

  166. LOYD

    Wow! Awesome, thank you so much! I’m going to submit another issue right away!

  167. nic

    I was having massive page load issues. Agent Ben look into speeding things up on my WordPress site and was great!

  168. Mary Jane

    I simply can hardly believe this! And for 39.00! What? This issue was so overwhelming for me and the resolution was just 39.00 bucks away!

  169. Todd

    Thanks so much for taking care of that stuff….it was driving me toward insanity. So incredibly appreciative for what you guys do! WP Fix It is a tremendous benefit to humanity. Top shelf service, no hassle, affordable pricing. I will never stress about my WordPress sites again. I’ll just contact you.

  170. andre.alencar

    You folks are the best and this WordPress support service is one of a kind!

  171. Brian

    They responded to my ticket IMMEDIATELY, was perfectly professional with very clear and concise communication, and solved my issue in just a few minutes. This process was VERY worth the cost and I will be using it again.

  172. jeff

    OMG! THAT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY! I wish I would have found your service 2 days ago.

  173. Samuel

    This is the first time using this service. I have to say that I am very pleased, especially because of the very fast turnaround time (most of it was waiting on me).

  174. Melinda

    I was cautious about using this service, but the support was professional, and they took care of the problem quickly and efficiently. What a great experience! Thanks.

  175. vicky

    Fantastic. I will 100% Use again, I honestly am so glad I found this service!

  176. Madeleine

    I just wanted to write and say thank you. I can’t tell you how panicked I have been all day and should have tried your service out earlier. In less than 30 minutes one of your staff members solved my problem. Thank you for providing this excellent service and for giving me peace of mind.

  177. Sue

    I had worked on my site for endless hours and spent many days trying to figure out what to do to correct some mistakes that I had got myself into. Many times you are not allowed to undo certain things so i got all jammed up. The first thing I tried was to pay $150 to get my site restored through my hosting company Go Daddy. Well they got my site back to its original state but that was only one problem. My daughter , Kim Garst, Boom Social, and I was telling her what a time I was having. She told me that she had an acquaintance that she had done some business with and she said this company, WP Fix It for me to call to get good help . She said that they could fix it and I could count on it.

    I need to say at the beginning I was a little doubtful. Even though I have used WP to make 4 different sites, I’m self taught and I don’t know the proper lingo to tell someone what is wrong. I even gave their agent the wrong password etc. But he was a true professional and he finally figured out what I need to have fixed. At one point he just took over and did it for me cause I could not figure out what he was telling me to click on. He was truly professional and never one wavered in knowing that he could me.

    After much time spent with me he went way beyond what I expected and got me up and running. I will never again go through with all the headache I went through for over a week when there is support like WP Fix It to help me. It was worth every penny I spent to get this fix it. I certainly will be sharing this info with Kim Garst so she can spread your name and company around. She is a major leader in the social world and lots of people respect her and what she does. So thanks again for all your help.

  178. chad

    I have used WP Fix It a few times now and they are always fantastic! super responsive and as a novice they are willing to help me understand everything. super satisfied.

  179. Jeanne

    You are brilliant! Many thanks!

  180. Julie

    They fixed a WordPress problem that I’d had for months in just two short hours! I’m so happy :)

  181. Larry

    I do a lot of WordPress design work for my clients and once in a while, I am stumped on making something work the way I want. My normal solution is to spend countless hours researching the solution. But that can be very unprofitable. I should have stopped after the first 15 minutes of no solution and I would be big money ahead. Instead I spent about 4 hours trying to figure it out instead of working more profitably on other jobs.

    So, I tried WP Fix It out and my problem was solved within about an hour – Fantastic! Next time, definitely I will use WP Fix it. I’m thinking of having some kind of bell installed in my head that tells me to STOP once I have spent about 15 minutes trying to solve something myself. Not sure how yet, though.

  182. Monica

    Great service. Very happy with the excellent communication and promptness.

  183. christopher

    AWESOME AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! They not only helped me fix the issue, but walked me through all the problems I was having with my site. They fixed problem after problem for us, and our site works great now.

  184. Rish

    Exceeded my expectations with their speed and their professionalism.

    I’ll definitely be back :-)

  185. Emmanuelle

    The WordPress service was fast, efficient, and effortless! I will definitely work with you guys again!

  186. Brian

    Thank you so much. I spent days trying to figure that out. I must have read over 20 out dated or just useless how to forum posts trying to fix it myself. Never again!

    I will be putting this site into my favorites file.

  187. Elizabeth

    Thank you, WP Fix It. Everything was done quickly and efficiently on line! A painless experience.

  188. Sam

    The WP Fix It team were very quick to respond, easy to communicate with and got the job done efficiently and professionally. I highly recommend these people.

  189. Fred

    Although I’ve been working with computers for several years, I have never learned to get into the bowels for problems such as you resolved. Your agents have been courteous, patient, knowledgeable, and most of all timely. If the opportunity arises I will certainly avail myself of your services again. I also would highly recommend your services to others with WordPress issues that they can not fix.

  190. Anna

    WP FIX IT did a fantastic job fixing my WordPress Issue in good time.

  191. Daniel

    I was really stuck with my WordPress site giving a ‘White Screen of DEATH!’ and it was literally driving me insane. With a 5 week old baby at home and a WordPress site that is not working properly so something had to change. I couldn’t give the baby away, so there was no other choice than to use WP Fix It.

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