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Top 5 Live Chat Software for Your WordPress Site

Looking for live chat software for your WordPress site?

In this day in age it is all about response time.  We recently attended an event put on by Kelly Weppler Hernandez from WH & Associates celebrating  Small Business week and at this event there was a really informative LIVE STREAM from John Jantsch, creator and Best Selling Author for the Duct Tape Marketing system.  

John spoke about something called ROBO.  We at WP Fix It are suckers for acronyms and when we heard this our ears perked up.  John explained that ROBO is how consumers are buying these days. Research Online, Buy Offline.  

This of course made perfect sense to me because we am a consumer and we constantly research a product or service online before making a buying decision.

John went on to explain several tools that are available to better serve the “Research” part of ROBO and the one specifically that we wanted to share with you was the concept of adding a LIVE CHAT to your website.  

Just think of it, a consumer goes to your website and looks around and has a question. Now in the example of most websites out there, they can either call you, send an email, or fill out a form to ask their question.  

What it they could simply click on something and have a live interactive chat with someone in your company and get an answer instantly.  

If they can chat with someone right away, 2 really huge things have happened:

One, their research was conducted efficiently and two, the consumer experience has sky rocketed which increased the Like and Trust before they buy.

So we did our own ROBO on what type of LIVE CHAT software there is out there and which one we use for this very website.  Below is a list of the top 6 that we found and researched and a few of  the features and pricing of each.  

We have put these in order from my favorite to least.  You can see my LIVE CHAT in action in the lower right hand corner of this page.  Let’s chat!!!

1. Pure Chat      FREE – $5/month (2 options)
-Live Chat Software for Your WordPress Site 

Live Chat Software for Your WordPress Site 


Make your brand more accessible with a customizable chat popup that empowers potential customers to reach your team instantly. You can update the look, language and message within the the popup or present it as a button throughout your website.

Plus, Pure Chat also lets you add a custom call-to-action at the end of each chat, so customers can be driven toward the next step in their buying journey.

Full Details

2. Click Desk      FREE – $14.99/month (3 options)
-Live Chat Software for Your WordPress Site 


  • Respond on the Go
    Add the one-time friend requests you get from ClickDesk after setup to start responding to your website visitor chats on your instant messenger
  • Operator on Skype
    You can also give live help responses to the customer queries through Skype from desktop, laptop, or mobile.
  • Visitor info
    Know your visitor fully–name, e-mail, chat history, results, operating system, browser and language, geographic location, company…
  • Shortcut messages
    ClickDesk allows you to save multiple phrases as shortcuts. These can be used to answer FAQs with a single click, saving you time.
  • Offline support
    ClickDesk connects with your email ticketing system when you are offline, allowing your visitors to create tickets instantly. Alternatively, visitors can leave offline messages on your site and you can invite them back when you are online.
  • Transfer
    ClickDesk allows rich three-way conference between your agents and visitors. You can also transfer chats to other agents’ mobile or desktop to help close leads or provide stellar support.
  • SSL-enabled
    ClickDesk provides highly secure communication interface. It prevents all the malicious scripts and intrusions through the chat window.
  • Language localization
    ClickDesk allows your visitors and operators to chat in any language (Albanian to Vietnamese). Allows both parties to configure messages to be in their native language straight out of their chat window.
  • Chat transcripts
    View real-time chat transcripts on the web and download them in Excel sheet format or have them emailed to you periodically (weekly/monthly) for quality control.
  • Widget customization
    Customize your live chat widget icon, size, color, theme, image, text, and its position (right, left, center, top, bottom) to match your website.

There are also many more advanced features that are available with this chat software.

Full Details

3. Zopim     FREE – $99.99/month (5 options)
-Live Chat Software for Your WordPress Site   


  • Easy Setup
    60 seconds is all it takes, from getting an account to seeing the chat widget on your site. Tried and tested by non-technical users.
  • One-time Setup
    To see the chat widget on your site, simply copy and paste one line of script just before on your website HTML. No further editing required to deploy our smart chat support software.
  • No software downloads required
    Unlike other live chat software, all you need is a browser to start chatting with customers. Simply login to the Dashboard to chat.
  • Get a design that fits your site
    Our live chat software comes in many colors and themes that will match the look of your website
  • Smart offline mode
    If live customer help is not available, choose to show visitors an offline form, or hide the chat bar from view.
  • Fully customizable greeting messages
    Show different greeting messages for different status: “online”, “away” and “offline”. Messages can be displayed in different languages.
  • See real-time information of your visitors
    Be amazed by the detailed information that our chat support software offers – country, how long they have been on your website, which page of your site are they at etc

There are also many more advanced features that are available with this chat software.

Full Details

4. Help On Click      $19.99 – $29.99/month (3 options)
-Live Chat Software for Your WordPress Site   


  • Copy & Paste installation
    To install the live chat on your website, all you need to do is to copy a block of HTML code and paste it to your web pages. That’s it.
    Get started in 5 minutes!
  • Know where your visitors are coming from
    See which search terms your visitors used in order to get to your website and chat accordingly. Suggest relevant promotions by chat. Guaranteed to increase conversion rate!
  • Proactive chat invitations
    Automatic and manual chat invitations are available with custom message for best experience for the visitor. Soft invite by the chat widget or hard invite by invitation window that covers the screen.
  • Know who is on your websites right now
    Real time traffic monitor will show you exactly who is on your website, for how long, which pages they visited, their physical location, browser type and more
  • Manage multiple websites
    Have more than one website? Not a problem. Permission levels for different websites are available to allow a complete separation. Use a different look and feel for each website.
  • Make it your own
    Customize everything – themes, texts, pre-chat fields and much more!

There are also many more advanced features that are available with this chat software.

Full Details

5. Bold Chat     FREE – $499/year (3 options)
-Live Chat Software for Your WordPress Site   


  • Floating chat button
  • Sale Recovery Technology
  • Auto Online/Offline
  • Other Person Typing Indicator
  • Offline Email Capture Form

There are also many more advanced features that are available with this chat software.

Full Details -Live Chat Software for Your WordPress Site 

I hope you have enjoyed this article and I am always asking for input if I missed something or you want to add to the value of the topic.  You can also stay up to date with new articles by entering your email below.  Thanks and I look forward to your comments.


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