How To DOWNGRADE WordPress Version

How To DOWNGRADE WordPress Version

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Although having latest WordPress is good idea, but sometime you may wish to back to earlier version of WordPress installation. This can happen when your plugins do not work with new version and you have major theme issues.

Well, downgrade a new version of WordPress to older version is a easy task and that same as upgrading a WordPress to newer version.

  1. Make full back up of your site whatever you do first make backup of  WordPress folder and database. You need to have access to your site control panel using ftp program such as Filezilla make a copy of all WordPress Platform files.  These are located in the root directory of your host or the root directory of the location you installed WordPress.
  2. Delete wp-admin and wp-includes folder which are located in your default host directory.
  3. Get and download the old version of WordPress that you need from release-archive.
  4. Unzip your desired version of WordPress and overwrite all files EXCEPT wp-content folder to your website by using ftp program.
  5. Go to your site admin area this time you wont see WordPress admin login page.  Instead  you will notice a message that say WordPress Database needs to upgraded current WordPress to new one!!. do not worry, just click OK and you will then see the admin login box.
  6. Login to admin area and HAVE FUN!

Everything will be fine and you can enjoy old WordPress installation on new on WordPress.

If for any reason you are afraid to do this scary task , click on FIX IT NOW in the menu above and select General Support for us to do it for you.


  • great tips – however, after doing what you suggest, all i get is a blank screen, both on my home page and on my admin page. any ideas would be most appreciated…
    thanks! robbert

  • How much does this cost? Some of this is greek to me, I know very little. Before the update to 3.2.1 for WordPress everything was perfect on my site…

    • Hello

      Why would you like downgrade? Maybe I fix the issue you are having instead.

      Let me know. Thanks!

  • I just upgraded to 3.2.1 and here is what happened:

    -My Si Captcha plugin doesn't work at all. Spambots have made their way in and have posted on the main page activity stream.

    -Every page came up as "Not found". It had disconnected the components with the actual pages so I had to affix them to their respective pages (a new option that wasn't available in earlier wordpress) yet that created some issues with Profiles as I can explain below…

    -Members can now access their profiles but can no longer PM other members or even view their profiles. To friend someone they now need to go through the member's directory and request it that way.

    -Four new tabs were added to my homepage – activity, forums, members and groups. My groups and members were already listed under the Community tab and the activity stream was the home page itself so all of that seemed redundant. My forums were also each listed in their respective groups beforehand so this has created another cosmetic mess up.

    -My Achievements plugin functions the same except for once a member clicks on the link associated with an achievement on the Achievement page it should go to another page with a larger image of the achievement and a description of it – now it only goes to a blank page.

    -On a member's Profile if they click on their "settings" tab it comes to a blank white page.

    -I cannot even send notices or PMs as the Admin!

    So quite a few issues. 7 weeks ago I knew enough html to make letters bold or italic, separate paragraphs and make links. I have learned a hell of a lot and spent a lot of time doing so in the past 7 weeks of building the site up but there is still so much that is greek to me.

    • Wow, there is a lot going on there. I can fix it for you but probably will be 1-3 hours.

      Let me know if you are interested.

      • Yeah you are telling me! I found out at 10:30 pm from a friend and fellow member on Monday that everything was down and I was to be on the university radio station Tuesday morning at 9:30 to promote the site! I worked for about 7 hours getting as much as I could done so at least things were functioning well enough but it still needs fixing :s

        What are your costs like? Can you email me?

  • So I did this, and all my pages except the homepage are not found. Even if I create a new page the page is still not found. Any ideas?


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