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Hostgator Malware Removal Says “sitelock Needs To Clean Your Site”

HostGator Malware Removal Says “Sitelock Needs to Clean Your Site”

Are you in a panic because of HostGator Malware Removal?

We must start this off by saying that we think Sitelock is an AMAZING company that provides high level security solutions for WordPress sites. Sitelock is an industry leader in website security and infection cleanup.

HostGator Malware Removal

They have partnered with many premium web hosting companies to react to infections that the hosting companies’ customers may be victim to. When a customer reports an infection or the hosting company representative discovers one they will tell the customer that “Sitelock Needs to Clean Your Site”.

So what we would like to share with you is an alternative to Sitelock services in the event that your website is infected. Depending on the agreement that the hosting company has with Sitelock, the cost of an infection removal can be $199+.

In some cases there may even be ongoing monthly fees. Now you will surely get top notch service with Sitelock but this cost may not be affordable for many WordPress site owners.

Some of the highlight of our service are below:

WordPress Support  One Time Cost

WordPress Support  WordPress Support Same Day Service – We Start Right Away

WordPress Support  WordPress Support Guaranteed and Proof of Clean Website

WordPress Support  Detailed Scan of all Website Files

WordPress Support  Removal of all Infected Files

WordPress Support  WordPress Support Perform Security Enhancements

WordPress Support  WordPress Support Blacklist Removal if Needed

WordPress Infection Removal

Infection Removal

This very detailed service will make sure your WordPress site is fully cleaned and secured.

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