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Best WordPress Hosting In 2021

What is the best WordPress hosting 2021?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) superpower that hosts almost a third of all websites on the Internet. The incredible popularity of this platform comes from the fact that it provides users with a wide range of automation and customization features, including a set of over 55 thousand plugins.

Best WordPress Hosting In 2021

It’s almost impossible to name all the WordPress advantages, but here are the most important benefits of using this CMS:

  • Accessibility: A stable Internet connection is the only thing you need to access WordPress. Apart from that, you can use the platform from any kind of device.
  • SEO-friendliness: Most CMS tools require you to invest a lot of effort into search engine optimization (SEO), but WordPress makes the job easier thanks to the special coding lines and pre-built indexation functions.
  • User-friendliness: WordPress is easy to set up and rarely anyone has a problem administering a website on this platform. This is why people use WordPress for many different purposes – from blogging to lead generation.
  • Mobile responsiveness: WordPress-powered websites are mobile responsive by default, which is essential if you know that smartphones generate over 50% of the global traffic.
  • Updates: This CMS allows you to update all components automatically, including themes and plugins.

However, WordPress cannot function properly if you don’t choose a reliable hosting – a system that makes websites faster and available almost 100% of the time. Since there are thousands of hosting providers available online, we want to help you narrow down the options.

Without further ado, here are the best WordPress hosting solutions in 2019.

1. Siteground – Best WordPress Hosting 2021

Siteground is a simple and yet comprehensive WordPress hosting service. It’s easy to get it going, while the provider takes care of the website migration free of charge. Using this host, you don’t have to worry about security, website speed, or any other performance issue.

Siteground offers the Startup package for one website and up to 10 thousand monthly visits. The plan costs less than $5 a month and it gives you free cloudflare CDN, SSL, HTTPS, daily backups, and emails. But if you need additional features, check out their Grow Big or Go Geek pricing plans – they have a lot more to offer.

2. WP Engine – Best WordPress Hosting 2021

WP Engine hosts over 500 thousand WordPress websites. Webmasters love it because the platform compiles a wide range of features and enables the highest level of website performance and agility. Some of its main free functions include:

  • 35+ StudioPress Themes
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Transferable Sites
  • LargeFS
  • Global CDN
  • Automated SSL certificates

WP Engine comes with a somewhat higher price ($35 a month for the Startup plan), but it offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

3. InMotion Hosting – Best WordPress Hosting 2021

InMotion is another highly reliable WordPress hosting solution with pre-installed auto updates, free backups, WP-CLI integration, and many other features. The most popular version, WP-2000S, supports two websites with up to 50 thousand monthly visitors. Besides that, this version of InMotion hosting gives you 80GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, CDN, free themes, and automatic backups.

4. Liquid Web – Best WordPress Hosting 2021

Liquid Web is an all-encompassing provider that offers everything from shared to managed and dedicated hosting. They don’t only assist you with website migration but also help you choose the best plan for your online business. This is very practical because Liquid Web has a broad portfolio of hosting options.

Liquid Web guarantees full-time security, quality storage and backups, compliance services, and email hosting. They have a proactive customer support, so you don’t have to wait for hours or days to get the answer you need.

5. Kinsta – Best WordPress Hosting 2021

Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting provider offering services for a wide variety of users from bloggers to SMBs and high traffic enterprises. Our entire infrastructure is powered by Google Cloud Platform, which guarantees blazing fast site speed.

We provide advanced security features (eg. daily uptime checks, automatic backups, SSL integration, DDoS attack detection, malware scanning, hack fix guarantee), a custom designed site management dashboard, expert support working around the clock, and 20 worldwide data centers to choose from.

6. Pagely – Best WordPress Hosting 2021

Pagely offers a flexible managed hosting for business-oriented WordPress websites. It’s one of the most reliable providers, with clients such as Disney, Booking, Garmin, and many other international companies. Pagely offers you four different formats:

  • VPS, starting at $299 a month
  • Enterprise, starting at $2.5 thousand a month
  • Elite publisher, starting at $20 thousand a month
  • Serverless, with pay as you go pricing

You can see that the prices are quite high, but they perfectly reflect the value and functionality of Pagely WordPress hosting services.

7. A2 Hosting – Best WordPress Hosting 2021

While most of the hosting providers tend to over promise but fail to deliver, A2 Hosting actually does a great job speeding up a website. With this platform at your disposal, you can expect your web pages to load within a second!

A2 Hosting has a free hack scan feature that prevents possible malware attacks, so you don’t have to repair the damage. Besides that, A2 Hosting is super-efficient when it comes to customer service and you can contact their agents around the clock via email, phone, or live chat.

8. DreamHost – Best WordPress Hosting 2021

DreamHost is a cheap but reliable hosting solution that comes with a user-friendly control panel. The host offers you SSL and privacy features, as well as CDN, server caching, and daily backups. DreamHost has a fast cloud server that works for up to 10 thousand monthly visitors. The platform has a pre-installed JetPack plugin and 30GB of SSD storage. It promises superb website performance, speed, security, and support, followed by the 30-day money back guarantee.

9. Green Geeks – Best WordPress Hosting 2021

If you are looking for a slightly different WordPress hosting solution, then Green Geeks might as well be the best option for you. How come?

While the platform gives you all the standard hosting functions, it is completely based on renewable energy sources. Therefore, Green Geeks is the ideal hosting service for all of you environmentally-friendly webmasters out there.

Conclusion – Best WordPress Hosting 2021

Running a successful WordPress website is impossible if you don’t choose the right hosting service provider. However, a lot of webmasters get confused because there are so many options currently available online.

In this article, we showed you the eight best WordPress hosting solutions in 2019. Each one of these providers guarantees a reliable functioning and at least 99% uptime, so it’s only up to you to test them all and find the option that perfectly suits the needs of your website.


  • Hey Ellie, thank you for the amazing list. I am using WP Engine and it is working great for me. But looking for more options you mentioned in the post. I am planning to launch an e-commerce website, will A2 Hosting a right option for it? Please let me know.

    • Take a look at the hosting company at the link below.

      There is a special discount of 60% OFF for customers of WP Fix It. BEST PART is they will move you for free.

      Read an article our owner wrote about his vast experience with this company at the link below.

  • Time for an update to this and include WPFixIt in the list =) My opinion is your hosting is better!


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