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8 White Hat WordPress SEO Techniques in 2022?

Looking For Some Good WordPress SEO Techniques

Since WordPress is open-source and free to use, it’s often the go-to platform for many non-tech-savvy people. 

However, search engines heavily regulate WordPress in their guidelines. Therefore, bloggers need to carefully craft their content with white hat SEO techniques that will help rank their site in the SERPs. 

Bloggers can significantly increase their search engine visibility with just a few tweaks and adjustments to some of these techniques.

So, let’s discuss those tweaks and adjustments in the form of the (eight) 8 white hat WordPress SEO techniques in 2022.

What is White Hat SEO?

An SEO technique that`13e87rp] involves optimizing a website by following the imposed restrictions of search engines is known as white hat SEO. 

Like hacking, white hat SEO is the ethical and legal way of applying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques on a website. It is also known as organic SEO.

List of the (Eight) 8 White Hat WordPress SEO Techniques in 2022:

In the white hat SEO, the entire focus of a website owner or blogger is on satisfying the needs of the human audience by providing relevant and better results against a search query. 

So, the following white hat SEO techniques list will help WordPress bloggers develop a better white hat SEO strategy for their websites.

  1. Focusing on content optimization:

Content optimization is the first white hat SEO technique for WordPress and other platforms.

Content optimization means that users should adequately optimize their content by including better keywords. 

For example, bloggers should use the focus keyword in the meta title, meta description, web page URL, H2 heading, opening paragraph of content and the description of the H2 heading.

Thus, users will have to perform better keyword research to find better keywords.

Nowadays, search engines’ algorithms are advanced enough to detect keyword stuffing and automatically eliminate that content. 

So, including keywords is not equivalent to keyword stuffing. Instead, bloggers and website owners should include LSI keywords where they can easily fit in the content.

  1. Working on the quality of content:

As mentioned earlier, the goal of white hat SEO is to satisfy the needs of the human audience. 

Therefore, WordPress bloggers and website owners should create quality content according to the demands of their audience.

Bloggers and website owners should determine the missing critical points while researching their topic to create quality content. Thus, if they address those points, their content will automatically have better quality than their counterparts.

  1. Including relevant internal links:

The new SEO techniques are not all about keywords, as it involves some other essential things. One such thing is internal linking.

One of the best white hat SEO examples is to include relevant internal links in the content. 

This way, readers can easily switch from one web page to the other web page of the same website, which will positively affect the user experience of the blog or website. 

However, internal linking should be relevant. Otherwise, search engines will automatically eliminate that piece of content.

  1. Including strong backlinks:

The following white SEO technique is related to the previous one because it also focuses on creating links. But this time, it’s the turn of backlinks.

Backlinks play a vital role in content optimizing and increasing the rank of a web page in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). 

So, bloggers and website owners should also focus on backlinks. But again, it’s not about spamming content with irrelevant backlinks. 

Instead, bloggers and website owners should create strong and relevant backlinks to avoid spamming and search engines’ blacklisting, which is the working mechanism of white hat SEO.

*** Pro Tip: Bloggers should focus on getting the backlinks of websites with a higher DA score. This technique is the only way of creating solid backlinks ***

*** Pro Tip: Using one relevant backlink from a higher DA score website is more valuable than using multiple backlinks from the same website ***

  1. Focusing on reducing the loading time of the website:

Unlike black hat SEO techniques, white hat SEO focuses on creating a better user experience by following search engines’ guidelines. So, the following technique focuses on the website loading time.

When it comes to the loading time of a website, the included media plays a crucial role. For example, suppose a blogger or website owner has used heavy images and videos on the web pages of his website. 

In that case, his website will take more time to load those web pages. This factor will ultimately ruin the user experience, which is a killer for the SEO of the website.

  1. Creating sitemap:

Another essential factor that impacts the user experience of a website is its sitemap.

A sitemap provides a blueprint of a website to search engines. 

This way, search engines can easily crawl and index a website’s content. But apart from benefitting search engines, the sitemap also guides users regarding the navigation of web pages and services of a website. 

So, the more guidance a website provides to its users, the better user experience it will have.

  1. Creating a mobile-friendly website:

The seventh white hat SEO technique in the “8 white hat WordPress SEO techniques in 2022” guide also focuses on the user experience part of the website. But this time, it is about the mobile-friendly aspect of a website.

Search engines like Google prefer the mobile version of context to index and rank web pages. Thus, a website with both computer and mobile-friendly will hold more power in the eyes of Google than a website with computer-friendly behavior (only).

  1. Avoiding content duplication and stealing:

Probably the most critical point where white hat SEO and black hat SEO techniques differ is the originality of content.

The web page of a website should have at least 300+ unique words. Otherwise, search engines won’t consider the content of that web page as original. 

So, bloggers and website owners should prioritize the originality of content because if a reader finds the same information on different web pages, it will annoy him.

Undoubtedly, bloggers and website owners can extensively research their topics before starting the writing procedure. 

But researching doesn’t mean stealing someone else’s content. So, bloggers and website owners should use an online plagiarism checker to avoid accidental or intentional content duplication. 

WordPress SEO Techniques

Takeaway – the Conclusion:

The discussed eight white hat SEO techniques in this guide will help WordPress bloggers build authority, relevance and value in search engines’ eyes. However, bloggers should not forget the overall goal of SEO in the end. 

Yes, the best SEO practices will increase the search engine results of a website. But those results will never replace quality content. 

So, people should focus on creating an informative, helpful and (most importantly) valuable site for their readers. SEO will come as a side effect – and bloggers won’t have to worry about getting penalized by Google (at all).

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