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Is Your Woocommerce Setup Working?

Is Your WooCommerce Setup Working?

WooCommerce setup working or not?

woocommerce setup working

Ever wonder if you have set everything up correctly and are certain that customers can shop and checkout on your WooCommerce online shop?  This is very important to know when your business is online and depends on sales.

We use WooCommerce to drive and process all transactions and we make sure daily that all is good and running smoothly.  Now we have been doing this for some time now and have a lot of knowledge in what to test and what to look for. 

We hope you do as well but most users will not know if everything is working until they receive an online order through their WooCommerce shop.

Two things to make sure your WooCommerce setup working as it should be

1. Check WooCommerce System Status page
This is the page that will give you a snapshot of all the things WooCommerce needs to run and is using to run.  To access this page log into your site and visit WooCommerce > System Status.  On this page, you must draw your attention to the items in RED and get those corrected right away.

2. Run a Test Transaction
No better way to know if all is good than actually testing it. There are 2 ways you can do this that we recommenced.  The first way is to install a free plugin that will allow you to test the entire checkout process without entering any credit card info.  Install and activate WooComerce Order Test plugin.  The other way you can run a test transaction is to actually purchase something from your shop.  You can create a new product that costs $1 and hide it from the front end of the site. 

Then you can purchase this item as a customer would and select the payment gateway you are using on your site.  This will show you the exact outcome of any other customer purchasing something on your site.

We hope this was helping in knowing if WooCommerce setup working correctly and your online shop is ready to roll in the orders and make you lots of money!  We also offer a very low cost service that does this for you and in addition a full security audit.  Check it out at the link below and please comment if you have any questions about this.

WooCommerce Optimization Checkup Service

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