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Website Security Checker

3 Reasons to Run a Website Security Checker on Your Website

You must use a website security checker. Not many people think about website security until it is too late. For some odd reason, website security has been left as an afterthought when, in reality, it should be at the forefront of the website’s creation. Think of website security like installing locks, alarms, and security cameras on the door to keep you safe. 

Website Security Checker

Sometimes, you need to test your home security to see if they work, and this can also be said about websites. Even though a website is already built with security in mind, tests need to be run to ensure it works. A website security checker tests just how secure your website is, and it will determine whether or not you’ve made it secure enough.

In this article, we’ll talk about why you should be testing your website with a security checker!

1. A Security Checker Boosts Performance – Website Security Checker

Not many website owners realize that having a secure website helps it perform better. Think about it. If a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial-Of-Service) occurs, what happens to your website? It slows down tremendously, and it can even put it offline. Other issues like malware infections can also hurt the site’s performance by corrupting files, eating up server resources, and more.

In other words, by testing your website with a security checker, you can try to see if your website is protected against these threats. This way, your website can run smoothly without unnecessary risks.

2. A Security Checker Protects Your Brand Reputation – Website Security Checker

A company’s reputation is one of its most priceless assets. It takes a long time to build a positive reputation, and it can help attract customers to learn about what the company has to offer. Unfortunately, what can take years to build can take mere seconds to destroy. A security compromise on your website can easily damage the trust that customers have in you.

As such, it is wise to test your website with a security checker. This way, you can discover any security flaws the website may have that can ruin your brand reputation, protecting your name in the process.

3. A Security Checker Gives You Peace of Mind – Website Security Checker

While there can be many things that keep you up at night, you do not need the worry of your website’s security to be one of them. Tossing and turning, constantly worried about cybersecurity, is not a way to live or do business. It can seriously affect your productivity, and when an attack does occur, you may be seeing your nightmare unfold right before you.

Stop this from ever happening and have a website security checker check your website. This way, any issues can be caught and fixed, leaving you with the peace of mind needed to earn a good night’s rest.


Your website’s security is nothing to be trifled with. Security is a vital factor to consider, and without it, you can easily spell the end of your website and even your business. As such, if you do have a website, run a website security checker on it. That way, you can understand all the risks your website is under and add the implementations needed to secure your website. Don’t be in a situation where you put focus on security after your website becomes vulnerable.

It’s important to keep your website safe for you and your audience to use at all times. WP Fix It offers 24/7 instant WordPress support to help website owners fix issues their WordPress website experiences. If you need to fix your WordPress website from issues like malware and more, contact us right away!

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