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How Writers Can Use WordPress To Improve Their Writing Skills

How Writers Can Use WordPress To Improve Writing Skills

Looking to use WordPress to improve writing skills?

When it comes to writing in WordPress, writers often suffer from doing plenty of dull, monotone, and exhausting work that kills creativity. It applies to writers who need to write something more than a tweet.

Hopefully, with WordPress plugins it is much easier and faster to create an attractive, informative, creative, involving and, what is more important, working content. The right set will not only variegate your daily routine, but also make the content correct, edited, and attractive to the reader.

WP Spell Check – Use WordPress To Improve Writing Skills

Use WordPress To Improve Writing Skills

WP Spell Check is not your horror dream, the words, that jangle nerves of every writer, it is the name of the WP plugin that is useful for everyone. It is the initial, much-needed assistant that deals with repeated words, misspelling, and special characters. The feature that makes WP Spell Check special is the artificial intelligence that checks spelling, grammar, and style more efficiently than the other algorithm based assistants.

Grammar check is essential for writing. Build-in “Lookup” is not the best option for professional writers. WP Spell Check will make you forget about the deadline because it saves plenty of time for editing.

CM Tooltip Glossary – Use WordPress To Improve Writing Skills

How Writers Can Use WordPress To Improve Their Writing Skills

Copywriters now the issue of repetitive terms and know how to avoid it. However, not everybody knows how to optimize the work with glossaries and dictionaries. Many of them continue working with notes, separate Word or Excel files, and paper notebooks ignoring innovative WP plugins. Tooltip Glossary offers to create a glossary of words and phrases which not only will help in writing but will also pop-up in a stylish way on your website.

It helps to keep the certain number of definitions and word phrases without mixing notions. Keeping the glossary is an essential skill of every professional writer. With CM Tooltip Glossary it is possible to do it stylishly. There is an option to create a unique glossary page with reference to the key terms. The plugin also integrates Merriam Webster or Google Translate dictionary if needed.

Yoast SEO – Use WordPress To Improve Writing Skills

How Writers Can Use WordPress To Improve Their Writing Skills

When talking about writing in WordPress, we always mean writing with SEO. These two notions are inseparable for copywriters. Yoast SEO makes the work easier and more adapted to a daily routine. The developers offer to write a killer content with the help of the tool. 21 thousand users, who have rated the plugin with five stars, seem to be satisfied with the results. It makes SEO analysis, has a snippet preview option that shows how it looks in the search result.

These options are free. Premium features help to keep the text in line with your keywords, synonyms, related phrases and suggests links to related articles for your content. The plugin is worth at least trying.

MonsterInsights – Use WordPress To Improve Writing Skills

How Writers Can Use WordPress To Improve Their Writing Skills

One of the most popular plugins, which have more than fifteen million downloads and 384 five star rates, is MonsterInsights. The plugin tends to replace Google Analytics specialists. It implements the analytic to your WordPress which makes it convenient, user-friendly and powerful. It is essential for every writer to know the feedback from the audience on particular articles. Some topics make people return to the website; others have the opposite effect.

The plugin shows the most popular posts, pages, and sections of your website. You can also discover how many people visit it, which page they visit first, and how long do they stay. Knowing which content works best will help to improve writing skills and adjust topics more precisely. The MonsterInsights installation process is simple in a case you already have Google Analytics. It takes a few clicks to set it up.

UpdraftPlus – Use WordPress To Improve Writing Skills

How Writers Can Use WordPress To Improve Their Writing Skills

This plugin helps to save all your website content in one place. Modern reality demands constant safety measures to protect yourself and your website from hacking. When it happens, the last thing you prefer doing is creating the content from scratch.

UpdraftPlus is a safe and reliable application that currently backs up millions of websites. Not only is it safe, but also convenient because it offers plenty of options such as:

  • Dropbox
  • G drive
  • Amazon S3
  • DreamObjects
  • Email
  • FTP
  • Rackspace Cloud
  • UpdraftVault

This option is essential for bloggers, who often negotiate the importance of backups. As a result, they lose all the data which is crucial for a blogger. You don’t want to practice your writing skills on rewriting your own posts, install UpdraftPlus and be safe.

If you need some help with writing or researching material, check this research paper writing service that is the right hand for bloggers and content writers, not only for students.

Editorial Calendar – Use WordPress To Improve Writing Skills

How Writers Can Use WordPress To Improve Their Writing Skills

Bloggers, content writers at publishing houses, first-year students, and other people with different level of writing skills, who are constantly failing in organizational skills and time management, need this tool drastically. Editorial Calendar is a built-in helper in the ToolPanel that helps not to fail meeting the deadline.

It is convenient for writing and private assignments in different deadlines. Having the work schedule directly in WP helps to visualize the workload and stick to the working plan.

Bottom line – Use WordPress To Improve Writing Skills

Every writer, blogger, influencer, research writer, editor and whoever connected with texts can improve writing skills by handwork and boosted self-organizational skills. However, there are tools assisting in daily weekly, monthly and yearly routine that may seem obvious and not important, but turn writing into a smooth, convenient, and joyful process.

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