Top 12 Shopping Cart Plugins For WordPress (7 Are Free)

Top 12 Shopping Cart Plugins for WordPress (7 are FREE)

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A WordPress shopping cart plugin can instantly turn your WordPress site into a full blown online ecommerce store. Nowadays there are many WordPress shopping cart plugins to choose from permitting an alternative way to earn revenue from your WordPress blog as opposed to solely depending on advertising. A shopping cart for WordPress solution allows the administrator to sell digital goods and products like ebooks, tickets or even services from the friendly confines of his/her blog. Check out my review list of some of the best WordPress shopping cart plugins below to find a premium or free WordPress shopping cart that you can quickly add to your WP blog to begin selling your digital products today.

Cart66 – No matter what type of product or service you’re selling you can easily take payments from customers using the Cart66 plugin (previously known as PHPurchase) for WordPress. The plugin itself will cost you a few dollars, but the software is a more conclusive option for those looking to develop an online retail presence through their WordPress blog. You can create multiple stores using Cart66, and add more customization to dictate how your store plays out on your blog’s interface. From managing orders to shipping, Cart66 covers both the front and back ends of your WP based online store.

ShopperPress – The ShopperPress shopping cart plugin comes as a WordPress theme that you can install, combining the merchant tool with SEO features as well. Also rather inclusive for its feature set, ShopperPress supports several payment options and literally turns your WordPress blog into an online store. This tool is great for affiliate sellers as it also integrates with Amazon and eBay.

WP eStore Plugin – The WP eStore Plugin is another front and backend solution for online retail, though it does not have as many custom and shipping integration tools as PHPurchase. From product selection to checkout, the WP eStore plugin makes things relatively simple for you and even easier for your customers. Features include a gallery to integrate into your blog, WordPress eMember integration, and other options specific for affiliate retailers.

WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin – Tribulant’s WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin is pricey at nearly $50 but it’s a full software solution for turning your WordPress blog into a digital storefront. Particularly useful for those selling digital goods is the fact that the WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin supports multiple payment gateways, it offers affiliate retailer integrations, discount and coupon code options, and pricing tiers. You can also set things like a minimum order setting, WordPress post and page embeds, and image galleries. This tool is recommended for those that are affiliate retailers and sell products and digital goods from aggregate places on the web.

Shopp Plugin – The Shopp plugin integration is relatively seamless and it’s a great fit for those looking to add a basic but sturdy shopping cart to their blog. It allows you to customize the Shopp plugin according to your needs providing you with an ecommerce solution for generating more revenue from your WordPress blog. As with WP e-Commerce, the Shopp plugin is also integrated with the WordPress update system.

WP e-Commerce – One of the more feature-rich options, WP e-Commerce lets you add a shopping cart to your WordPress blog rather quickly. WP e-Commerce comes with multiple payment options, including Google Checkout and Paypal, so your users aren’t locked into only one way of paying for your product. With social networking tools that come with the plugin, you can also connect to the Facebook Marketplace as well.

YAK for WordPress – YAK for WordPress comes in the form of a WP plugin that turns each blog post into its own product code. If you have your own online retail presence and would like to maintain a blog to keep people updated as to your new products, the YAK for WordPress plugin is a good option. The open-source shopping cart plugin also supports categories and gives your site visitors multiple payment options.

MiniCart – The MiniCart WordPress plugin is a button that can be included into individual blog posts to easily accept payments for products or just request donations. This enables each blog entry to act as its own mini store, which can be helpful for when your blog is shared across the web via full-feature RSS readers and the like. For those that don’t need to transform their entire blog into an online shop, the MiniCart WordPress plugin will suffice.

eShop – The eShop plugin has tools for custom ordering processes letting you extend various shipping and sizing options for your customers. On the backend you’ll also receive basic stats for your purchasing performance. eShop supports many popular merchant gateways including and Paypal.

osCommerce for WordPress – A modified version of osCommerce, the osCommerce for WordPress plugin works with your existing WordPress themes. The installation of this plugin is a little more complex than other plugin options but the integration is also clean and offers different custom options for those that desire more control over their WordPress storefront. Two modes are available for the osCommerce for WordPress including a symbiosis mode and a standalone mode.

Quick Shop – Quick Shop works with WordPress themes that have the sidebar widget installed giving a sidebar option for your shopping cart. While you’ll need to make your own CSS for this it it requires PHP 5, the plugin supports a good amount of customization.


WooCommerce – WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell anything, beautifully. Built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, WooCommerce is the world’s favorite eCommerce solution that gives both store owners and developers complete control.

With endless flexibility and access to hundreds of free and premium WordPress extensions, WooCommerce now powers 30% of all online stores — more than any other platform.


  • Good list of pulgins but I am a bit disappointed as it doesn’t contain woocommerce. It’s one of the leading wordpress plugin used by many all over the world.

    • This has been added. Article was written a long time ago. Thanks for pointing this out.


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