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Recruiting WordPress Themes

Top 12 Recruiting WordPress Themes

Looking for recruiting WordPress themes?

Websites play an important role in today’s digitally updated world. With the growth of online services, the importance of websites has increased tremendously. The more attractive the webpage is, the more people will consider it.

A similar concept is valuable for recruitment agencies. To drive their work smoothly, they have to make attempts to make their websites the finest, retaining professionalism. With the increase in online marketing, people will first go for a website review before physically meeting their place. In such a case, the website will work as an impression-determining tool for the recruiting agencies.

Well-planning and designing of the website include the factor of accessibility too. Everyone uses various devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The website must remain accessible from all systems and must perform similarly in all of them.

Designing the whole website becomes a time-consuming task, and it needs coding skills too. WordPress is a platform that assists in making a website minimizing the efforts and time of the organization.

WordPress is software that provides numerous themes that is helpful to improve the presentation of your site. You can select the free or paid one, depending on your choice. It helps in giving a job bulletin an attractive look.

Plenty of themes are accessible, and finding one is a challenging task. Worrying about it, read this article to help eliminate the confusion as it presents the top 12 WordPress themes.

Recruiting WordPress Themes

What Are WordPress Themes

WordPress theme is a tool that designs the outline of the website. Basically, these themes are a set of files that work collaboratively to create the site. It includes images, templates, and style sheets.

These themes modify the front-end styling of the website and retain the content in its original format. The layout includes color selection, widget locations, font style, and other menu alignment options. Various types of themes are accessible that you can use based on your requirement. It includes WordPress blog themes, new website themes, and many more.

It only decides the website’s presentation for the visitors and keeps the rest of the things in their original format. Thousands of themes are available for customizing the website’s look as per the need of the industry. Varieties of paid and free themes are available that give you a vast list of alternatives to opt for the one that suits you the best.

List of WordPress Themes Helpful To The Recruiting Agencies

Following are the top WordPress themes specifically useful for recruiting agencies. The most beneficial element for using these themes is that you can get a prepared design structure that saves your time and effort for constructing the whole website. It reduces the effort to form the website from scratch.

Further, as per your need, you are unrestrained to make alterations in the site’s look. It is a customized and cost-effective solution.


It is a trendy theme that gives personalize and receptive design to the website. Any new beginner can approach this theme by learning through the demos. It is one of the prominent themes for developing a professional setup of the site. As per your brand, you are free to change the color, typeface, and overall website representation.

This theme is easy to use for the applicants to search and find the relevant job vacancies. Shortcodes are accessible to perform the function of enrollment, login, and summary of employment applications.

Job Board

This theme usability is simple. Following only the simple steps, you can speedily set-up the theme, which gives an easy accessibility experience.

For making the experience better, contact forms are available. It provides separate fields as per the job categories. The theme also has built-in widgets, background changing options, and banners. It comes with the capability of suggesting relevant job openings to the candidates. Also, it provides review and rating features.


Jobera is one of the popular and appropriate platforms for promoting job openings. It comes with many advanced characteristics, options, and functionalities that add up to the user experience.

It is supporting multiple languages that become the premier feature of this theme. Also, it is thoroughly customizable that enhances the flavor of your organization. To make it more user-friendly, it includes the ‘Apply’ tab, an integral component of the theme that supports the applicants to perform instant actions.

Jobera is completely responsive and provides many features that are supportive on mobile devices too. Managers can get direct notification of the list of applicants and their resumes via emails.


JobEngine differs from other WordPress themes in many ways. It also gives the functionality of a responsive and customized look. It provides complete freedom of changing the color, widget, and image size.

Also, you can alter the dimensions of the menu as per different pages on the site. For recruitment agencies, this theme is one of the best options for a much more personalized interface. Every visitor can change the view and features depending on their convenience.


Job Monster theme is developed keeping in mind both the recruitment agency and the applicants. The dashboard is fully accessible to the candidates to apply for the job and submit and edit their resumes.

On the other hand, managers can also view their resumes and respond to them using the dashboard. For job discussion, the respective manager and applicant can connect via messaging, a private conversation where no one will interfere.


Jobseek is a perfect platform for the applicant, managers, and human resource department. It also shows the details of new projects for the freelancers. Each of them can view, post, and edit a resume and their job profile. It gives the feature of a bookmark so that no applicant can lose their job application.

Along with these awesome operationalities, this theme also reduces the admin’s maintenance effort by providing an easy accessibility feature for handing the UI.

Recruitment Agency

It is a wonderful job posting theme where recruiters can post the vacancy details, and candidates can apply for it using a simple tool. Recruitment Agency has a vital account section for the candidates. They can create their account and upload their resumes, view their application history, and get notifications of new jobs.


This theme is modern and well-suitable for hiring agencies as it provides ease in usage and gives facilities for bookmarking, notification of jobs, and resume handling abilities. The applicant can find the job as per their requirements. It also provides an option for improving their online profiles.

This theme is loaded with premium options that enhance the presentation and usability of the website. Lots of tools are obtainable in this theme that are helpful to make the interface more customized. It provides the option of dividing the job post into various groups, and also you can highlight specific positions to catch the applicants’ attention.

Also, managers can distinguish the applications based on the job positions. It provides past application details too.


It is an amazing theme with an inbuilt virtual facility. You can develop the look of the website as per your wish. It comes with user-friendly functionality where there is a lot of design and features available. It works well for posting job vacancies.

Live text functionality is an advanced feature of this theme. Also, it gives you a realistic view of the alteration you perform on the site to decide whether it is looking good or not.

Freelance Engine

For companies that are looking to hire a freelancer for them, this theme will work truly. Many candidates prefer to work as a freelancer. For them, this theme will work more effectively.

It allows flexibility to the freelancers to search for the job as per their skills and expertise. By entering the necessary keywords, they can get the list of projects that suits them.

As per their expertise and salary rate, they can choose from the offered vacancies. It works perfectly with all systems. Depending on the user’s convenience, they can make necessary changes like color variation and the site’s format with mouse-driven functionality.


NeoJB comes with varieties of layouts and background effects. It also works with those who are beginners with WordPress. The simplified mouse-driven function helps the user to develop an excellent site even without coding knowledge. It is the right choice for connecting the recruiters and the applicants.

It highly reflects professionalism by providing many advanced features. It includes a text editor, maps, videos, and image formatting. It is easy to use for job seekers and employers.

Job Portal

It is an excellent theme for those who want to create their online website for employment opportunities. It works well with all the systems. You, as an employer, can add charts to make the theme more captivated. It comes with varieties of widgets that make the home page even more appealing. It is entirely SEO optimized. Aspirants can explore the desired job within very little time.

The feature of parallax scrolling will add up to improve the user experience. For making the recruiting process more effective, these themes allow online chat functionality. It helps the applicants to clear their doubts. Along with this, WPML permits this theme to become multilingual supported.


Recruitment plays a significant role for employers and job-seekers. With the increase in the use of the online platform, it becomes important to work for the visual appearance of the company.

WordPress is the right platform that designs the website as per the requirement of the organization. The more attractive and customized the site’s layout, the more the audience will get attracted to it. Make use of the fantastic WordPress themes mentioned above to make the process more attractive and systematic.

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