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When was the last time you said THANK YOU

When Was The Last Time You Said Thank You

Yes, I like to think that I am a SUPER AWESOME WordPress Ninja but… The reality is that I would be almost nothing without the wonderful world of plugins out there that make achieving complex functionality possible with a download and a few clicks.

Do we ever really stop and think how difficult it would be to accomplish the tasks we want on our sites without the use of plugins?  Well I will answer this question. NO!  I never have until today when I had to migrate a site that was over 5 GB in size from one server to another. 

Now this situation was very unique.  Not because of the massive amount of files that needed to be moved but because the person I was doing this for only had the admin login to the site and no hosting or FTP information which might be needed to complete a migration.

I was very confident I could make this happen using a plugin I have used 1000s of times prior to do the same thing without an issue.  The plugin was UpdraftPlus.  I have always said this is the best plugin available for both FREE and premium that can backup and restore your site stress free.  I have even said many times that I would trust my kids with the developer.

I wanted to take a moment today to reflect on the power of WordPress plugins and those that create them to make the WordPress experience of others better and easier to manage.

So now take some action to say THANK YOU!

  1. Pick a few of your most used and handy plugins
  2. If there is a premium version of the free plugin(s), purchase it
  3. If there is a donate option, send some money love to the plugin developer
  4. Leave a review on the plugin page
  5. Use social media to share with your audience the plugins you love and why
  6. Write a post on your blog reviewing the plugin(s)
  7. And most simple, reach out to the developer and say THANK YOU!

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