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I Am Only An A$$ On Facebook But Not In Real Life…

I am only an A$$ on Facebook but not in real life…

Yes indeed, the incredible and magnificent world of Facebook. This particular platform has been a massive part of both my business and personal life since 2009. I have used the personal side of Facebook to share life events and mainly pictures of the pack of girls my wife and I have. I have grown several businesses over the years of being on Facebook by connecting with others and networking online.

Over the past year I have noticed a large increase in social behavior that you would not normally see from a person if you were interacting with them face to face. The particular behavior I am referring to is negative in tone. Now I have to admit that even I have fallen victim to being a social jerk on certain threads or in response to others being jerks as well.

It has made me realize that this high tech low touch world we live in has loosened the thoughts and reactions of many. I do however still believe that the way people act on Facebook in not a full reflection of how they would interact with others in person. This the meaning of this post title.

So will all that said I thought I would break down the different types of Facebook behavior I see often in social conversations.

Check out below the 5 types of a Facebook A$$.

1. The Facebook Know It All

I Am Only An A$$ On Facebook But Not In Real Life…

Why just be knowledgeable on a few subjects when you can know it all about everything! The Facebook know it all pops up everywhere, all the time, on every subject. They like to make their voice heard and even though they often contradict most other peoples opinions on any given subject as mere mortals we really should listen because they are ultimately the all knowing beings of the world.

2. The Facebook Snitch

I Am Only An A$$ On Facebook But Not In Real Life…

The snitch come in a few different forms but ultimately they like to see themselves as the “rule followers”, also known as “annoying”. Admin here! Yes admin, you’re always here! I feel like a child with a parent watching over my shoulder, in case god forbid I promote something in a group on a day that’s not Promo Tuesday.

The snitches tend to be passive aggressive and like to remind you of the correct, kind and proper way to do things.

3. The Facebook Link Pasting Maniac

I Am Only An A$$ On Facebook But Not In Real Life…

The pasting maniacs have actually suffered unfortunate circumstances that has stripped them of all independent and creative thinking. They have lost the ability to type their own thoughts so they communicate through pictures and links of other peoples thoughts. They probably use Facebook as their main source of news so be wary of the validity of what they share.

4. The Classic Facebook Troll

I Am Only An A$$ On Facebook But Not In Real Life…

The Troll can come in 2 extreme forms. The 1st is the closet troll. That friend we all have who has a profile that looks like they haven’t even been back to Facebook since they joined in 2008. Yet when you talk to them they seem to have an innate insight into everything going on in Facebook world every second of the day.

The 2nd is the openly trolling troll. They have liked a picture you post before you have even removed your finger from your post button. They have no shame in their game and pop up night or day to be the first to like and comment on everything you and everybody posts.

5. The Facebook Politics Punk

I Am Only An A$$ On Facebook But Not In Real Life…

OK so we all have our political views but do we really think we are going to make a change in an opposite political view on Facebook. In real face to face conversations I think we mostly still adhere to the common practice of no politics or religion in conversation to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

Facebook for some though has become a political platform that only serves the purpose of hearing their own opinion and creating fellowship with other like thinkers. Even when they use terms like “open discussion”, that is just code for ‘listen to my opinion’ and ‘I have no intention of changing my opinion’, no matter what you say.

Have we missed any? Comment below to share your bizarre personality experience on Facebook.

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