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WordPress Redirect Hack

How to Fix a WordPress Redirect Hack

WordPress Redirect Hack

WordPress Redirect Hack present on your website now? You have devoted who-knows-how-many hours into making your WordPress site look flawless. Now you are relieved that it has been launched and that you are receiving traffic as planned. However, suddenly, some of your users have started complaining about a sire redirect. Now you are worried that your site has been hacked.

Cybercriminals and hackers have been known to hijack websites and have them redirected to their malicious links. The bad news is that hackers can successfully hide hacks from website owners most of the time, which can go unnoticed for a long time. If you have already received complaints about redirects, your site may already have been hacked.

However, even if the situation seems dire, fortunately, it is fixable. To get the upper hand of the situation, read on to better understand what is happening to your website and the steps you can take to fix a malicious website redirect hack. 

WordPress Redirect Hack: What It Is and How to Fix It

Before anything else, you must understand what this type of hack is. As its name suggests, a WordPress redirect hack is a type of malware that hijacks your website visitors and brings them to a malicious site that can be used to do all sorts of cyberattacks such as phishing or infecting the website visitor’s device with malware. 

The redirects work because the hackers have injected scripts into your website. They can be lurking anywhere, from your website plugins to your website files. These scripts can have dire effects. If Google notices that your site contains malicious scripts, your site may end up blacklisted. This will cause your rankings to suffer, and you may become known as a source for online infection by your target audience. 

How to Fix a Malicious WordPress Redirect Hack

The trick is dealing with these malicious scripts and getting rid of them. Here are four simple steps to help you in this situation.

1 – Scan Your WordPress Site

The first step is to scan your WordPress site for hacks and determine where the questionable scripts are placed. You may opt to use a free or premium website scanner to help you detect the malicious code and weed them out. 

2 – Request a Malware Cleanup

The website scanner will help you monitor your site for malware and evaluate the risk of the type of malicious code on your site. Once you find it, you will then be able to use the scanner to isolate the malicious scripts and get rid of them. The software will be in charge of isolation, clean up, and removal of the malware. 

3 – Whitelist Your Site

When you are sure that your site is free from the redirect hack, you can submit an appeal to have your website reviewed by any search engines that blocked it. Having your site whitelisted will ensure that your website will be up and running normally again in no time. 

Conclusion – WordPress Redirect Hack

Please keep in mind that’s with any issue you’re having on your WordPress website that has to do with an infection, the main thing is to keep calm and follow the steps outlined in this post to get your website back on the right track.

By taking these measures, you will be better able to protect your WordPress site from malware and hacks in the future. You now know how to keep your site safe and be aware of what to do if the problem happens again in the future. 

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