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YITH Zoom Magnifier

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GPL licensed for use on unlimited websites

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier Premium is a plugin for WooCommerce that adds a zoom function to product images on your store.

The plugin is designed to enhance the customer experience by allowing customers to get a closer look at products and to view details that might not be visible in the main product image.


  1. Zoom Functionality
  2. Customizable Zoom Settings
  3. Multiple Zoom Modes
  4. Mobile-Friendly Design
  5. Multi-Language Support
  6. Dedicated Support Team
  7. Regular Updates
  8. Easy Integration with WooCommerce
  9. Option to Enable/Disable Zoom
  10. Option to Set Zoom Type
  11. Option to Set Zoom Magnification Level
  12. Option to Set Zoom Window Size
  13. Option to Set Zoom Window Position
  14. Option to Set Zoom Lens Size
  15. Option to Set Zoom Lens Shape
  16. Option to Show/Hide Zoom Window Border
  17. Option to Show/Hide Zoom Lens Border