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YITH Mailchimp

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GPL licensed for use on unlimited websites

ITH WooCommerce Mailchimp Premium is a plugin that allows you to integrate your WooCommerce store with Mailchimp and automate your email marketing efforts.


  1. Mailchimp Integration
  2. Mailchimp API Key Management
  3. Mailchimp List Management
  4. Mailchimp Group Management
  5. Mailchimp Campaign Management
  6. Mailchimp Automation Management
  7. Mailchimp Form Management
  8. Mailchimp Popup Management
  9. Mailchimp Landing Page Management
  10. Mailchimp Order Management
  11. Mailchimp Product Management
  12. Mailchimp User Management
  13. Mailchimp Subscriber Management
  14. Mailchimp Segment Management
  15. Mailchimp Merge Tag Management
  16. Mailchimp Template Management
  17. Mailchimp Report Management
  18. Mailchimp Email Notification Management
  19. Customizable Mailchimp Settings
  20. Mailchimp Preview
  21. Mailchimp History Log
  22. Mailchimp Export/Import
  23. Mailchimp Schedule
  24. Mailchimp Conflicts Resolution
  25. Mailchimp Synchronization
  26. User Friendly Interface
  27. Easy to Use Settings Panel