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Slider Revolution Bundle

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GPL licensed for use on unlimited websites

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin is a powerful and feature-rich plugin that allows users to create stunning sliders, carousels, and other visual elements for their WordPress websites.

With the addition of various add-ons and templates, it becomes a comprehensive toolkit for web designers and developers to create interactive and engaging content.

Below is a list of key features, add-ons, and templates that come with the Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin.

Key Features:

  1. Responsive Design
  2. Drag and Drop Visual Editor
  3. Powerful Layer Animation System
  4. Parallax Scrolling and 3D Effects
  5. Customizable Navigation Controls
  6. Slider Import and Export
  7. Multimedia Content Support
  8. Full-width and Full-screen Sliders
  9. Timeline-based Animation
  10. Performance Optimization
  11. SEO Friendly


  1. Whiteboard
  2. Filmstrip
  3. Typewriter
  4. Slide Transitions
  5. Distortion
  6. Particles
  7. Before & After
  8. Panorama
  9. 360º Viewer
  10. Slicey
  11. Polyfold


  1. Premium Slider Templates
  2. Starter Slider Templates
  3. Carousel Templates
  4. Hero Block Templates
  5. Content Module Templates
  6. Full-screen Templates
  7. Social Media Templates
  8. Special FX Templates
  9. Multimedia Templates
  10. E-commerce Templates

These features, add-ons, and templates make Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin a versatile and indispensable tool for creating visually captivating and engaging websites.

With its extensive capabilities, it allows users to craft unique sliders and interactive elements that cater to various website design needs.