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Beginner’s Guide To Get More Facebook Likes For WordPress Websites

Beginner’s Guide to get more Facebook Likes for WordPress websites

Need more Facebook likes for WordPress?

Facebook is the most popular social media websites with the largest number of audience. In fact, Facebook is not only a place to communicate with friends, but also a highly effective platform for earning and promoting business in an easy way. Considering the huge number of Facebook users (2.07 billion), you can successfully promote your blogs, official websites, various brands and services on this social platform and earn greater revenues.

Facebook Likes for WordPress

So, optimizers, bloggers, and webmasters spend a lot of effort to get more likes on their Facebook page. Most of them fail to generate likes on the page. So, they become null and void in the huge crowd of Facebook Marketers in the long run. Let me take you on a journey showing how to get more Facebook Likes for WordPress websites

So, do you have mild Facebook likes on your WordPress website? Looking for ways to increase Facebook likes? If yes, then checkout the below-mentioned tips:

1. Add Facebook Sharing Button To Your Website

Visitors love interesting and useful content. They also like to share a high-value content with their friends, relatives, neighbors for their advantage. Most users don’t want to do the copy paste job to share the content. So, you should be active and add a social sharing plugin to your website.

This will allow visitors to share useful content easily on the web and be a permanent follower of your brand. Providing social sharing option for important content, homepage, and other important pages of your website.

2. Create A Professional Facebook Page

Google considers the social ranking of websites as an important factor to determine their ranking and usability for the end users. A website with high Facebook likes is considered an authentic and more user-friendly page. On the other hand, sites having limited Facebook likes are construed as insignificant or irrelevant for end-users.

So, you must create a professional Facebook page for your website. Just add relevant details, images, corporate Email Id, contact numbers and other details to make your page more relevant, eye-catching, and appealing. If you don’t know how to do it professionally, seeking the help of a Digital marketing Agency is not an embarrassing idea at all.

3. Create And Publish Facebook Specific Content Regularly

Always keep in mind that subscribers of your page will definitely react to your publications if you meet their needs. So, you must have a clear idea about what your Facebook fans expect from you.
Based on their specific needs for content, plan the content strategy in advance, publish materials regularly on the web and encourage user interaction to the maximum. To get the best results, evaluate the effectiveness of certain publications and make adjustments to the content strategy accordingly. If you unable to generate Facebook Specific Content in abundance, get it from a web development company that provides creative content writing services.

4. Release New Posts When The Subscribers of Your Page Are Online

The “Posts” statistics section allows you to see which days of the week and at what time of day your subscribers are most active and when the largest number of your subscribers are online. Once you analyze the data, publish posts during the greatest activity of subscribers. It will help you to get an instant and positive response from visitors.

5. Respond Comments By Mentioning The Subscriber

Active Communication with subscribers is important not only for building a full-fledged Facebook community(for your company), but also for increasing its coverage. So, respond specific comments on behalf of your Facebook page ASAP. Moreover, mention the person’s name in the answer. This is very important as it serves as an additional motive for the subscriber to return to your Facebook page, read the answer, stay connected with it and encourage new visitors to like your page.

6. Allow Fans To Publish Content On Your Facebook Page

Interested and loyal Facebook fans like their voice to be heard on your platform with an intention to be recognized by the peers and get some advantage. As an ardent Facebook Page Admin, you should get contributions from interested fans/followers and publish their posts on your platform. Useful content on your Facebook Page may go viral if they serve the actual demands of the targeted audience. This helps a lot in SEO exercise and you see a sharp boom in “Likes” count on your statics page.

7. Re-share High Performing Content

In most of the cases, your content go out of the mind of fans/followers only within a few days after their publication. So, your content strategy should be entirely focused on the publication of new content. Re sharing of Qualitative and successful web content can attract the attention of new subscribers and those that did not see the update for the first time. So, evaluate the performance of your content and choose what worked best in the past.

The effective reuse of viral content helps you to fetch more Facebook likes for your WordPress site.

8. Ask Friends To Actively Comment On Your Facebook Page

Don’t be shy and ask friends from a personal circle or associated with your business to make posts and comments on your Facebook Page. Although, you can’t force them to do this necessarily. In your efforts, you might get negative comments as well. But, don’t get disappointed. There will be many friends who will share your content and submit comments to your Facebook Page. This will help you to garner more likes on your Facebook Page.

9. Promote Your Facebook Page On Other Social Media Websites

Although Facebook is the biggest social media player, you should not underestimate the huge potential of other important social media websites, such as Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. Just promote your Facebook page on all these social networking sites and ask the existing fans to like your Facebook page.

This will enable you to boost the liking of your website’s Facebook Page up to a great extent within a short duration of time.

10. Conduct Live Chats on Facebook

New age Facebook users are not interested in reading the text content and view info graphics. The fact is that they want to communicate to the people behind famous brands. Why don’t you try this step to get more Facebook likes?
Just conduct live chats on your Facebook account, take questions directly from fans and followers and answer their questions immediately. This will please your customers and they would love to act as your company’s brand ambassador to add more users with your brand.

11. Run Commercial Ads

If you are not able to get enough likes on your Facebook Page through the above-mentioned methods, just run Premium Facebook Ads on your page. Prepare a definite plan and strategy to ensure the success of your commercial ad on Facebook. Successful Facebook advertising helps you to get more likes on your page.

If you don’t know how to do it for your WordPress site, WordPress web development company may help to hurl the success flag on the Facebook platform.

Final Words – Facebook Likes for WordPress

The above methods are simple, but effective that will help you to increase the likes of your Facebook page easily and quickly. Just use them in a streamlined manner and script success for your SMO campaigns.

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