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Change Any WordPress Text On Entire Site

Change any WordPress Text on Entire Site

Need to change any WordPress text on your site? Get ready for an amazing snippet of code that will allow you to Change any WordPress Text on your entire site. This is WordPress Ninja stuff here and oh so useful!!!

Is there an output of text perhaps in a plugin that you want to change but you do not want to mess with the actual plugin code? Even if you did want to adjust the files inside a plugin to change the text this would be overwritten when there are future updates to the plugin.

Let us give you a real world use for this. A massive part of our site is ticket credit that customers purchase to redeem at a later date for WordPress Support. The plugin we use to distribute this ticket credit is WooCommmerce Smart Coupons.

Now the way this plugin is built is that it outputs the text Store Credit and Coupons through the areas it displays info. We wanted to change this output to Ticket Credit. So instead of editing over 13 PHP plugin files and over 1000 instances of these words, we simply used the snippet shared below to do this.

The best part is we can update the plugin as new versions are released and we never have to worry about our custom text changing. Change any WordPress Text can have many uses.

Change any WordPress Text With The Info Below

Below is the snippet you need to add to the functions.php file of your active theme.

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  • can you do this more than once because when I try to add it again in the functions it makes the whole wordpress page blank, works fine if done once? thoughts?

    • You must change the function name if you do it twice. A WP function can not have the same name as another WP function.

    • Yes you can, if you create an IF for every new text.
      Like this:

      add_filter( ‘gettext’, ‘wpfi_change_text’, 20 );
      function wpfi_change_text( $translated_text ) {
      if ( $translated_text == ‘ORIGINAL TEXT1’ ) {
      $translated_text = ‘NEW TEXT1’;
      if ( $translated_text == ‘ORIGINAL TEXT2’ ) {
      $translated_text = ‘NEW TEXT2’;
      if ( $translated_text == ‘ORIGINAL TEXT3’ ) {
      $translated_text = ‘NEW TEXT3’;
      if ( $translated_text == ‘ORIGINAL TEXT4’ ) {
      $translated_text = ‘NEW TEXT4’;

      return $translated_text;

  • Great snippet!
    However, it does not work everywhere.
    I’m trying to fix an issue with woocommerce checkout field errors, and this snippet doesen’t affect these texts.
    Is there any way to use a snippet to change field error messages as well?

  • Nice little snippet, thank you, I’ve used it on a theme that kept changing the copyright text to the default text each time I saved the options.

    How about making this work on Dashboard only? Will this be possible?

  • this would be better as a plugin so that if the template or site gets updated it doesnt erase the code snippet

    • There are already many plugins that do this. This is another way that is simple and not plugin or database entries needed.

    • Fantastic snippet, and a great idea, as a plugin and thats what we needed to do for a tonne of sites that use the same template, we just turned it into a plugin file (just copy hello dolly plugin layout) and each site could have is own translations for custom theme sections – make sure to encompass all translatable strings in

  • Hi guys! For some reason this is not accepting HTML anymore. Trying to replace the text “No order has been made yet.” within WooCommerce’s My Account Orders tab (my-account/orders/) and it won’t render the HTML.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hard to say without seeing files and having access. Just edit WooCommerce file directly.

  • Is it possible to change just one instance of a label? For example, my site has several forums using BuddyPress and I will like to change the label of one of the forums from “New Discussion” to “New Request”. Note: only one instance of the label is to be changed all other instances remain as the default

  • Can this be used to target specific divs? Like a div with a class of this
    Yada, yada in here

    • It cannot target a specific DIV. It is meant to search out a string of text and replace the text with the new string.

  • Can someone rewrite it with an else if please? I got no idea how to do it and what im writing its not working.

    • We have a special process for a request like this that is not repair. It’s a simple process that initiates a form that you can fill out with the details of your project which are sent in to a group of developers to quote the work.

      Please visit the link below for more details.


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