•   We will never require an additional cost for any of our WordPress services
  •   Your ticket will be assigned to an Agent and responded to immediately
  •   Our WP Fixers will work diligently on your issue until it is resolved
  •   If an issue is not resolved, we will refund your payment right away
  •   We value you not the payment and pride ourselves in fixing your issue





Quick service that I trust!

Quick service that I trust to be done right. I would rather have WP Fix It make sure my problem is really resolved rather than trying to figure it out myself and risk a lot of time and headache.
~ Chelsey Strong

Fixed in less than 10 minutes!

Nathan was able to fix my website in less than 10 minutes. After hours of headaches, it took him less than 10 minutes to completely fix my site. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to fix their website, and I will definitely be using their services in the future.
~ Brianna Parks

Fast, Efficient and Reliable!

I have found WP Fix It to be fast, efficient and reliable in all the support requests I’ve had over the years. Keep it up!
~ Tarquin Wyeth

WP Fix It Fixed My Issue at Light Speed!

WP Fix it responded to my ticket instantly and Nathan fixed my site issue in a few minutes. These guys are great and saved me from a huge headache!
~ Jonathan Holmes

Great service always!

Great service. Staff always friendly and quick to respond to questions.
Always go above and beyond on the requests as well.
~ Lisa Brown

I couldn't have asked for anything better!

Nathan was able to quickly resolve my website issue in less than no time! I’ve gone to WP Fit it anytime my website is being wonky, and I don’t recommend anyone else! They really go above and beyond for their customers, and I’ll continuing returning again and again!
~ Rachelle Waters

I spent hours trying to fix a problem and they fixed it in minutes.!

I spent hours trying to fix a problem on WordPress and Nathan fixed it quickly! I will definitely be using this service again. What a relief to have found this web site!!!!
~ JaniceGilligan White

Always quick and responsive!

Always quick and responsive and very easy to work with. I contact WP Fix It for any issues I have and they have always done a fantastic job!
~ Kate

This was fabulous!

This was fabulous! Our website had major errors on numerous pages and they fixed it literally in under 5 minutes. We had even already updated and checked all the plugins but couldn’t find the problem.

And then Saverio logged in, and it was fixed a few minutes later.

Just a great experience!

~ Speaking Latino

I was literally in tears and then smiles!

I was literally in tears when I got a “critical error” message for my WordPress site after trying to update it to the newest version. I spent 2 hours trying to solve it on my own and WP Fix It solved the issue in under 10 minutes from when I submitted my ticket. I am in tears all over again from happiness!!!!!!

I was worried they were a scam company and that the reviews were fake, but they ARE NOT. I am real, my name is Ali and I’m a wedding photographer in Houston! Oh my goodness I can’t express how thankful I am right now. Thank you WP Fix It!!!!!!

~ Ali Minetree

Super fast and efficient!

WOW! I’ve been working on this issue for a couple hours and was very frustrated, but Saverio was able to fix it within 20 minutes of being assigned the ticket! I’m a customer for life!
~ Lori Swadley

The staff at WP Fix It are amazing!

The staff at WPFixIt are amazing – they can handle anything we throw at them, and they do it so fast and professionally. I would give them 10 stars if I could! Amazing value for the level of support that they provide. I can’t say enough good things about them.
~ Jennifer Rohleder

They fixed the site quickly and wow!

Nathan fixed the site quickly and wow, it was so much better than trying to do it myself. I’ll definitely use this service again.
~ Nancy Murrell

I will always use WP Fix It

I have used WP Fix It twice now and they fixed my un-fixable problem immediately! I am so glad that I found them! I will contact WP Fix It first now anytime I have a problem and recommend them to everyone!
~ Sean

Ace service - highly recommended!

My site was experiencing critical errors and I could not see what the problem was. Nathan, from WP Fix It, fixed it super quickly for me and advised on the way forward with the site. I have used this service before and cannot recommend it more highly.
~ Liz

One stop place for all my WordPress Needs!

I have dealt with this company for several times in my life and all cases were so much pleasant I can’t even explain, and all my WP issues was really that damn hard I would say and that people really fixed them fast for so many reasons out there.
~ Umrl

So fast and prompt response time!

So fast and prompt response and problem solving too. They done it very quickly just within minutes.
~ Shamsul


I cannot say enough about how amazing Jarrett was at helping me! In the matter of minutes he fixed something that I had been working on for hours. He then showed me the process on how he fixed the issue! I will definitely work with WP FIX IT again in the near future!
~ Nicole Depies

I'm SO HAPPY I found WP Fix It!!

This service is so awesome– I’m SO HAPPY I found it!!! Nathan fixed my issue immediately after I submitted my ticket and my website was back working in just minutes….YES MINUTES!! And he gave an explanation on what caused the problem with a recommendation on how to fix. This is BY-FAR one of the best support services I’ve ever received. Thanks so much for providing this awesome service that was so easy to access!!
~ Shenetta Webster

So Patient with a person like me new to WordPress

Patient with a newbie and totally helpful. Resolved the issue in record time. I’ve used the service multiple times and have always been very satisfied.
~ Melissa

Blew My Mind How Fast!

Great service. Opened a ticket late a night to fix an error on our website and an agent responded within a few seconds and started working on the problem in a couple of minutes. And the problem got fixed after just a few minutes. I could see the agent working live on the problem which is pretty dope!
~ Cedric Loiselle