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Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder

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GPL licensed for use on unlimited websites

Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, a powerful collection of custom modules and templates designed to enhance your website building experience with the Beaver Builder page builder plugin for WordPress.

These addons help you create stunning, responsive, and high-performing websites with ease. Here are the key features of this essential plugin for Beaver Builder users:

  1. Advanced Modules
  2. Row Sections
  3. Page Templates
  4. Section Templates
  5. White Label Branding
  6. Modular Control
  7. Template Cloud
  8. Responsive Editing
  9. Multi-layered Parallax
  10. Particle Backgrounds
  11. Gradient Overlays
  12. Video Backgrounds
  13. Shape Dividers
  14. CSS Transforms
  15. Advanced Typography
  16. Dual Color Headings
  17. Content Grids
  18. Testimonials
  19. Animated Headlines
  20. Call-to-Action Buttons
  21. Countdown Timer
  22. Info Box & List
  23. Modal Popups
  24. Before & After Sliders
  25. Pricing Tables
  26. Progress Bars & Circles
  27. Interactive Banners
  28. Team Member Profiles
  29. Post Carousels
  30. Image Galleries
  31. Google Maps Integration
  32. Contact Forms
  33. MailChimp Integration
  34. WooCommerce Support
  35. Smooth Scrolling & Navigation

With the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, you can effortlessly create beautiful, engaging, and user-friendly websites that will impress your visitors and help your online presence stand out from the competition.