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AutomateWoo Marketing Automation

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GPL licensed for use on unlimited websites

AutomateWoo is a powerful, feature-rich, and user-friendly WordPress plugin designed to help you automate and streamline your WooCommerce store’s marketing efforts.

With its advanced triggers, actions, and rules, AutomateWoo provides a flexible platform for creating customized and targeted marketing campaigns that help drive sales, increase customer engagement, and boost your store’s revenue.

Here’s a comprehensive list of AutomateWoo’s standout features:

  1. Advanced Marketing Automation Workflows
  2. Pre-built Workflow Templates
  3. Customizable Triggers, Actions, and Rules
  4. Abandoned Cart Recovery Automation
  5. Follow-up Emails and Personalized Customer Messages
  6. Automated Product Recommendations
  7. Birthday and Anniversary Reminders
  8. Customer Win-back Campaigns
  9. Review and Feedback Requests
  10. Reward Points and Loyalty Programs
  11. Subscription Automation and Management
  12. SMS and Push Notification Support
  13. Integration with Popular Email Marketing Services
  14. Built-in Performance Tracking and Analytics
  15. GDPR Compliance and Privacy Controls
  16. Multi-lingual and Translation Ready

With AutomateWoo, you can create and manage effective marketing campaigns for your WooCommerce store, ensuring that you reach your target audience and maximize your store’s potential for growth.

Leverage the plugin’s powerful features and advanced functionality to automate and streamline your marketing efforts, helping you save time, increase customer engagement, and boost your store’s revenue.